AND THE WINNER IS………………………..#MissWestAfricaCameroon2016


Its official people!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The winner of the International Miss West Africa Cameroon Beauty Pageant is ……… drum roll pleaaaaaase …….Miss Fodje Jency.( ohh i must brag that i know her personally from way back school days hahahahaha so am dupa supa proud too) The very talented super model has been on top of her game for the past years and winning this contest is just the icing on the cake for the newly crowned Miss West Africa International Cameroon.


She is the face of Numero Uno boutique and was also the winner of Miss Cameroon Regional 2014 for the North West region although she later pulled out of the competition for professional reasons. I know for sure though that this is one competition the mega model will hold out till the end and definitely win!. OK, just in case you are not as obsessed with these kind of stuff , here is recap of what the competition is about and the events that led to this moment.

Cameroon as a West African country is part of the race to find ‘the’ Miss West Africa 2016. Selection and screening of aspirants was done months ago and the short listed girls had a week filled with activities and elimination at the Semme Beach Hotel Limbe Cameroon. These activities involved intellectual  tests, knowledge of our culture, cooking skills, and pageant guidelines.  Online campaigns were made and the public got a chance to vote to keep their favorite Miss in the running. Saturday 24th was the set date for the final during which Miss Fodje Jency received the crown from the now former Miss West Africa Cameroon,the beautiful Miss Nsang Dilong. Miss Fodje Jency is now charged with the responsibility to represent Cameroon in the Grand Finale scheduled to take place in Senegal. She will be needing all the support you guys can give her to make her dream and that of this country come true! You Go Girl!! God and Us got Ur back! And just a word to those of you who feel like your dreams seem far fetched because you are where you are right now, let Jency and all other Cameroonian youths who are making their dreams, their reality right here in this country be all the inspiration you need! #YouAreAmazing #TeamMaFoj (Only pemexans will get that last hashtag doh! lol) #GoGetThem


It’s a Date, So save the Date!! The Ratu International Fashion, Movie and Music Festival.


Fashion meets music and film on the 29th,30th and 31st of October at L’atruim in Douala and the outcome promises to be the best thing that has ever happened to the Cameroonian culture. The Ratu International Fashion  Music and Movie Festival was founded by Ratu Erma Olierhoek, the creative designer and owner of Belcros designs and this is the first ever edition of the festival. Cameroonian film, designs and music will get the much needed exposure during this three day festival. The main aim of the festival is to EDUCATE new and budding designers,models and movie producers. PROMOTE local and international designs and movies through exhibitions,runway shows and showcase of local movies. A wide range of local  artists will also grace the festival adding valor to the already heated up cultural display as well as CELEBRATE our cultural heritage and accomplishments so far. In case u didn’t notice ( which I bet you have unless you have been living under a rock for the past couple of years) we’ve sure come a long way and we winning International Awards now. Well don’t know about you but that to me is sooo worth celebrating.

The high profile sponsors of this event proves how much of a game changer the Ratu Festival will be to the budding fashion and film industry of our nation. Biopharma and Maggi are amongst the list of sponsors.( Now you get the touch of class don’t you? thought as much.) What better way to break the industry than to have the creme de la creme of the media world cover your event right? CNN Indenosia , MNC Indonesia, Media Plus, Cameroons’ Canal 2 , FabAfriq Magazine, Kwin Magazine are amongst the media crew of the Ratu festival. Our music is making buzz globally of course there will be local artist to heat up the event and make you party 90s style and 2015 style. The events aim is to showcase our cultural heritage and with that in mind, we going back to our roots and by roots sweetie I mean Makossa. We might have branched into different genres these recent times but Cameroon is internationally known for its originality in makossa and no better lady to remind us of our heritage than Nicole Mara. Other very talented artist will be part of the show too. For more information on tickets and registration you can check out the official website And before I sign off a special shout out to my girl and mega model Miss Tenye (Incase you don’t know her she is the second elegant lady from the left to right side of the photo)Cameroonian model and actress  Syndy Emade,Miss Cameroon USA 2014 Ndem Nora and Jennifer(names not in standing order)  are the beauties you see in the picture ad. OK, I think I’ve given  you all possible amazing reasons why you should make it to the festival so Camera, lights ,Action!!! LEGGO!!

#MyBeautifulCameroon #TheMagicOfTravel #BloggerDairies

 Psychologists recommend you buy a ticket be it a bus, train or flight ticket and take an impromptu trip. Just go anywhere and do not over think or try to plan the entire trip so its perfect, honey just get on board and go. Trust me trips like this will free your spirit and renew your mind. It just works magic like nothing you ever fathom in your life. This week i decided to visit the South West Region of my country. It is a great touristic site and home to the only active volcano in the region. The population is average and the warm nature of the people give you the feeling of home though far from home. I say “visited” because I explored the town of Buea like never before and had a chance to be at the two main places in the town that I’ve been dying to see.

     Change of environment and experiencing nature is one of the best ways to get through whatever fireball life throws at you. It’s always the start of something new and refreshing. My first stop was the Our Lady of Grace Shrine, Sasse. I heard of this place recently and so i had to go there and experience the wonders of it. It’s a quiet spot owned by Catholics. It has a chapel where morning and evening mass is carried out. It also holds a healing service on the last Tuesday of every month. The most intriguing part about this serene location is the waterfall.


The water comes out from the rocks and trees and that to me is simply amazing. This water has been blessed already so it is used as “holy water” and many people who come there drink it after prayers and you can take some home with you. If you need a break from it all,and just time alone with your God, Honey you’ve got to visit this shrine and when you leave you will feel an inner peace that u never knew before. Might be hard to get a car going there so motorbikes are the preferred mode of transportation so dress ready to hop on one if you’re not rolling private. Fashion advice, wear warm clothes that cover all body parts to avoid insect bites and boots too if you wouldn’t want to take off your shoes like i did at the waterfall bridge which to me is more refreshing.


Next stop, the Reunification Monument. One word only, INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!

20151013_163315Monument at sunset. EpicI love my country

Located at the governors’ office Buea,this is definitely is one of the most beautiful structures in the town. It’s just so elegant and the structure commands its name.Though visitors now have to pay a fee of 200cfa to visit the place, you best believe that your visit will be worth more than that. The fee is used to pay the gardeners and janitors so that is your own little way of giving back right? This structure was erected to mark fifty years of Cameroonian Independence and Reunification. It has a touch of Africa in miniature and that is exactly what Cameroon as a nation is.


Next time you’re in the South Region treat yourself to these sites and you might visit more areas than i did. You can send me an email sharing your experience and photos too. That way you can feature on the #MyBeautifulCameroon posts and  remember this, Happiness is not given to you by material possessions or any human, it is all in you. So take a trip whenever you feel like it,you only have this one life to live, fill it up with experiences and memories. #LovingYourselfIsTheNewBlack and ohh P.S take a crazy/best friend along with you,he/she will double the fun and plus you will need someone to take capture the moments for you right?!


Hellooooooo Wooooooooorld!!!!!!!!!

Finally, i get my blog started! My friends will say “that’s long overdue” hahhahaha!! If only I stop forgetting my passwords  I probably would’ve had a great blog by now. Anyways, i don’t plan on forgetting this one seeing as i have written the password down in every notebook and phone memo i could find. hihihihh! So, yaaaay am super excited about joining the bloggers in Cameroon who have noticeably increased in numbers during the past year BUT FIRST LET ME INTRODUCE MYSELF;

My name is Samyra Mankaa and I am a proud Cameroonian. I am 24 years old and a graduate from the Anglo- saxon University of Buea where i obtained a Bsc. in Journalism and Mass communication. I am currently doing a masters program in Communication at the Advanced School of Mass Communication. I loooooooove writing especially articles about fashion, relationships and  travel. My blog will cover articles from current “gist” in Cameroon to articles on fashion trends. Relationships of every kind are always a hot topic so based on my experience and those of others i will have posts on relationships; family, romantic relationships and friendships. I intend to inspire other people and also be a friend.  Who knows? I just might change a life or two. P.S Let the blogging journey begin!!! #stayHappy #GodaboveallelseTina 20140624_141802