It’s a Date, So save the Date!! The Ratu International Fashion, Movie and Music Festival.


Fashion meets music and film on the 29th,30th and 31st of October at L’atruim in Douala and the outcome promises to be the best thing that has ever happened to the Cameroonian culture. The Ratu International Fashion  Music and Movie Festival was founded by Ratu Erma Olierhoek, the creative designer and owner of Belcros designs and this is the first ever edition of the festival. Cameroonian film, designs and music will get the much needed exposure during this three day festival. The main aim of the festival is to EDUCATE new and budding designers,models and movie producers. PROMOTE local and international designs and movies through exhibitions,runway shows and showcase of local movies. A wide range of local  artists will also grace the festival adding valor to the already heated up cultural display as well as CELEBRATE our cultural heritage and accomplishments so far. In case u didn’t notice ( which I bet you have unless you have been living under a rock for the past couple of years) we’ve sure come a long way and we winning International Awards now. Well don’t know about you but that to me is sooo worth celebrating.

The high profile sponsors of this event proves how much of a game changer the Ratu Festival will be to the budding fashion and film industry of our nation. Biopharma and Maggi are amongst the list of sponsors.( Now you get the touch of class don’t you? thought as much.) What better way to break the industry than to have the creme de la creme of the media world cover your event right? CNN Indenosia , MNC Indonesia, Media Plus, Cameroons’ Canal 2 , FabAfriq Magazine, Kwin Magazine are amongst the media crew of the Ratu festival. Our music is making buzz globally of course there will be local artist to heat up the event and make you party 90s style and 2015 style. The events aim is to showcase our cultural heritage and with that in mind, we going back to our roots and by roots sweetie I mean Makossa. We might have branched into different genres these recent times but Cameroon is internationally known for its originality in makossa and no better lady to remind us of our heritage than Nicole Mara. Other very talented artist will be part of the show too. For more information on tickets and registration you can check out the official website And before I sign off a special shout out to my girl and mega model Miss Tenye (Incase you don’t know her she is the second elegant lady from the left to right side of the photo)Cameroonian model and actress  Syndy Emade,Miss Cameroon USA 2014 Ndem Nora and Jennifer(names not in standing order)  are the beauties you see in the picture ad. OK, I think I’ve given  you all possible amazing reasons why you should make it to the festival so Camera, lights ,Action!!! LEGGO!!


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