Buckle up people my country Cameroon is going places and you are invited for the joy ride. First stop Cosmetic Galaxy! First town, JIREH7 COSMETICS!


Jireh7 powder and eyeshadow display


This new and very skin friendly cosmetic brand is owned by the very beautiful Audrey Mapaking, a Cameroonian based in Canada. The cosmetic brand launch  was a classy and elegant event at the Yaounde Chamber of Commerce. Participants were treated to free make up trials by some of the best makeup artist in the country like Make up By Y’de, live music , crystal champagne, red carpet, brunch and barbecue. Now correct me if am wrong but what better way to launch a new Brand than with such Grandeur!


Meet the Boss lady!! @AudreyMapaking


that view though! Outdoor section.


Tapis Rouge! avec Miss Tenye

The event started at 5:30pm with an opening speech from the chief makeup artist of the brand and later a power point presentation of each item of JIREH7 Cosmetics by the Boss lady herself. These items include primers, foundation, powder, concealer, a range of lipsticks, lip gloss, lip liners, eyeshadow, blush and many other makeup items that will reveal the queen in every woman.

The brand takes into consideration the different shade of color in women so its products are available for every woman be you dark skinned, fair in complexion, brown skinned amongst others JIREH7 has got you covered. Lessons were given on how to choose foundation and powder that suit your complexion, how to apply makeup, face care and the Do’s and Dont’s of makeup. The guest list was very exciting ranging from models, to designers and Miss Cameroon 2015.


Miss Cameroon 2015 getting “dolled up”

With Miss Cameroon

With Miss Cameroon


l to r: Model Miss Tenye and MODEL Zinky Pearl

Celebrity photographer William Nsai covered the event and so be sure to look out for his amazing work on his Facebook page. Jireh7 gift bags were distributed at the end of the event to all participants. Dancing and merry-making continued though! To know more about Jireh7 products, visit their website Like the brand  on Facebook jireh7Cosmetics and Instagram @J7 cosmetics. You can place an order online or contact their exclusive distributor Maranatha Beauty Center. Want to bring out the queen in you? Jireh7 got you!



…….  You made it*** Here is the thing, we all or most of us have been through tough times in our lifetime. I say ¨You made it¨ if you are reading this because to me it just means whatever it is that made you feel like the walls are closing in on you did not kill u sweetie. You are reading this blog post so believe it and say it out LOUD ^I made it^. It is all going to be OK in the end, if it is not then that is definitely not the end. I use to tell people when they seek my advice in times of crisis to just relax and worry not because all will be Ok. Real talk? till you have been down that road you just never really understand how difficult it is to overcome a tough period in life.

It is never easy and I don’t know about you but for me, NA GOD O!!! Every hurt,stress, worry, and impossibility take it to God and leave it there! Not trying to sound all *Churchy churchy but this is a highly recommended permanent cure for stressful and difficult times. You have to learn to control your mind, once you can do that then you automatically control your life. Think positive thoughts, BELIEVE that everything in life happens for a reason, TRUST that all your errors are lessons and HOPE that once you pull through whatever huddle you have in your life now, you will be a better version of you!

BE GRATEFUL! Be grateful for the rain because it teaches you to appreciate the sun. Be grateful for the wrong ones, they helped you cherish the right ones, be grateful for every tear because in each tear there is a lesson and be grateful to God because believe it or not that situation you are dealing with now could be more critical than it is. Smile so broad it annoys those staring at you hahahahaha, dance like your feet will be gone tommorow, love like you have never been hurt and just breathe cuz someone somewhere is taking their last breath but you hunie are reading this!!! YES, YOU MADE IT!!!! Long as God got YOU, You gon be alright!! -Kendrick Lamar!