Today we celebrate the amazing photographers behind the bold and beautiful pictures that flood the Cameroonian scene and social media. Personally, I am so glad that the stereotype often attached to photographers and photography as being  “just a pass time”, “a mean job” and even “a mediocre and cheap way to make small money” has become a thing of the past in Cameroon.

Photography like music and film in the country has experienced a rebirth and has been redefined over time. I applaud photography as an art in the way the pictures tell a story. As a science, in the way every ray of light has a role to play in perfecting the final picture and as a practical skill with regards to the talent of the man behind the camera.The common adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” is indeed true and so far Cameroonian Photographers have perfected the art of communicating feelings, emotions, culture, mood and what have you in their amazing photos. I picked my six favorite photographers in Cameroon for this article; hope you agree with me on this selection.

She is Chantal Eddie. A female photographer who prides herself in  elegant and quality pictures that portray true beauty and celebrates womanhood. She is a canon Queen;A well deserving one at that.


Meet Penjo Baba! All hail the “Baba” of wedding photography and video coverage. Ever since he introduced his work, weddings have a new touch of class and grandeur. Elegant,different and beautiful, Penjo Photography captures the most important day in your life and freezes time and emotion forever.


Meet Kelly Blaise Achu! Based in the South West region where the entertainment industry is booming, he sure is the “it”guy.He has a different and interesting angle to artistic photography and he also captures the epic moments in his wedding photos.


Meet William Nsai! He has creative shots and one of the most fascinating under water shots too. He has worked with several models and artist and besides photography he directs videos too. Young, energetic and a killer mind for fine photography, William Nsai is indeed a Cameroonian Treasure.


Alain Ngann is proof that the older the wine, the better its taste. He has years of experience and has only gotten better over time. He is a legend and has set the standards for what professional photography should look like.


   Christain Sankeur is a young and very inspirational photographer. He explores light and color and his work has such deep emotions that surpasses a canvas and paint brush of an artist. He is one of the ‘wonders’ of Cameroonian photography.




4 thoughts on “KMER CANON LORDS!!!

  1. Albertine Ngum says:

    job well done
    The future of tomorrow photography lies in why you make of it today
    I really admire the work , talent and devotion of Kelly b I’ve also seen how much he loves photography
    You are truly talented
    Great mind great personality

    Liked by 1 person

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