Fashion meets Music,Film.#Ratu International Festival

     Here is a fact; everyone gets butterflies in their tummy and never forgets their first anything. First love, first kiss, first …(eehhemm clears throat) well you know what, first baby and the list of examples is endless. In the same “first craze” light, the First Edition of The Ratu International Festival was indeed  an unforgettable event. The three day festival which celebrates music, fashion and film in the motherland Cameroon began on December 4th with the workshop and screening of movies and music. Local artist  Nabcis together with other artists performed at this workshop which took place at the StarLand Hotel Douala.

    Cameroonian cinema was also an item on the workshop agenda so the movies submitted for the festival were screened during this workshop. Cameroonian and Indonesian film gurus made up the film jury panel. Shortlisted designers  were also evaluated during the workshop by Miss Indonesia 2015 and Miss Brazil 2014 who were part of the fashion jury.

   Saturday 5th December was the main event and with a venue as amazing as l’Atruim Douala, verily verily i say to you, the soiree was nothing short of class and splendor. Breathtaking decor, one of a kind type runway, excellent cuisine and a wide range of very expensive liquor.

         The Bosses and “Bossettes” of Fashion, entertainment , business in Cameroon, Indonesia and other parts of the world graced the event with their presence.

           Traditional dances opened up the evening followed by a word of welcome from the Boss Lady and mega mind of the Ratu International Festival Mrs.Ratu Erma Olierhoek. Cameroon Veteran footballer Roger Miller also offered a word to the invitees.

Canal 2 International did a live stream of the event and other huge media organs like CNN Indonesia were aptly represented.The runway was then set on fire by the feisty models showing the designs of Nuvi, Sandi Dynamics, Jamel Ousman, Rita Eboh and uhhhmm I think that’s about all of them and if i omitted a name I sure was sipping something really amazing or was receiving huge gift bags from sponsors and got lost when this last designers name was mentioned but promise ill find it and update this post as soon as i can. hahahahaha! but am sure that’s the whole designer squad though!

Then it was time to recognize the best in music ,fashion and movie. The cash price of 300,000Cfa  was handed to the best designer , Mr Nuvi for  beautiful collection that fuse African and Indonesian culture and fabric. Rita Eboh got 200k for the second place.

The Best movie was awarded to the movie Nightfall by Anaboh Derick. Best movie Runner ups, 19th Hour and U-Turn also got cash prices. Afro Group Africa took home the award for best music group and Joseph Masoma got second place. Musical performances entertained the guest between runway shows and the Founder of the R.I.F designs, Belcro’s Designs by Ratu Erma  were the last designs to grace the runway. The unique collection represents Indonesian fashion and style with a touch of ‘African’. The festival came to a close with a big word of appreciation from the boss lady and her entire team.

First impressions never lie or die, so i bet you agree with me that the Ratu Festival first edition was a huge success and i don’t know how one can top that but knowing the hard working Ratu Team I am quiet convinced that next year the festival will be breath taking and bigger! So what you missed out this year? (ok,no lie sha you missed out on alot hihihihi) but u have next year to have your own R.I.F experience! See you there . #SpreadTheLove #KmerGoingPlaces #BePartOfTheRevolution.


4 thoughts on “Fashion meets Music,Film.#Ratu International Festival

  1. Minette says:

    Good job guys…. I’m impressed. Hall, outfits, decors, models and beauties…name it! Everything looked on point. Thanks for sharing Samy. Great to see our fashion/music etc industry grow so great even at the first (like u say😘) event. Will be glad to attend one someday. Kudos to y’all. I hope more cameroonian international designers too will participate someday to build this industry stronger. We no go carry last oh. Cameroon oye!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • SammyBlaze says:

      ohhhyeaaahhh boo boo. For sure we are going places. Someday when you get here ofcourse you will attend one of the events. The industry is really booming and am glad i can share it with you far from home. thanks for the love.


  2. 3rdGenerationMuna says:

    Well written article. Lively and well expliced. It’s difficult to find this kind of writing in Cameroon. P mankon did a great job… Lol.
    Muna Michel

    Liked by 1 person

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