SO WHAT???!!!

I know the new year is well into its first quarter and am guessing most of you have a list full of resolutions as well as things you hope to achieve this year. Well, congratulations… u started off on a good foot.However I’ll like to add one more intriguing statement that i think like me, u should add to your list of resolutions. It’s very simple. It starts with So…and ends with What SO WHAT?!!

This statement right here can change your whole perspective….by just saying it out loud. It makes you feel better on many different levels.It reduces stress levels and increases positive vibe instantaneously.

stress free 2

make your 2016 a stress free zone

OK So What last year sucked? So what you failed yourself or others? So what things didn’t turn out as you hoped? So What that chick you invested so much in left you and got hitched to some rich guy this  December ( OK i know that hurt but So What)  So Goddamn What?!!! You will find some better mannered girl who will love you for you and appreciate you. wouldn’t you like that better?.  In fact try saying SO WHAT out loud right now. Done it? Feel any better? See … that’s what i thought. You have a chance to do right by you and by those who look up to you this year. You have a whole year in front of you. Speak life, success, faith,expectations, fruitfulness and what have you into your year. Just think about those who didn’t make it through last year but you little warrior are still here. Don’t know about you but to me that just means my work here isn’t done and instead of holding on to regrets and “what ifs”, hold on to “So What” and “I can”.


So What??

You will be amazed by how much energy you will pick up from just brushing off situations and negative vibe. Make optimism your priority this year. So what you lost your job ? Get up, hustle up and find yourself a new and better one. People only react to what parts of you, you show them. Show them you are disappointed in yourself and they will treat you as a failure. Show them you have little or no self respect and they will disrespect you any way they can. Show them you are weak and they will trample all over you. So it doesn’t matter if you are dying inside, say So What and wear a smile (Ohh ladies add makeup to that smile ) and carry on. I bet you something great will happen and awaken your dying spirit within thanks to your beaming outward appearance.


This is what happens when you say So What??

“Why shall you shy of entering 2016 with a bang and making it a blast? Is it not a years like any other years?” (hahahaha if u haven’t seen that funny Nigerian clip where i got this quotes from ask a friend to forward it to u via watsapp ASAP). Well all that said, here is to wishing you a stress free 2016 filled with positive vibe and cheerful hearts. Lemme borrow the slogan my bestie gave me as our motto for this year and share with you all “Faith. Focus. Finish”. You ready? Leggo! God Bless you and your Hustle this year and toujours!

Love, Samy.



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