FOR THE LOVE OF St.Valentine

The Valentine season is almost here and we are celebrating the first couple to start off the season.


Passion of Fashion

Gotcha!!! Get your mind out of the Gutter!! Hahahhaa! Not that kind of coupled up you got in your head. These two are a match made in fashion heaven and will in turn give “real” couples a touch of romance this season of love. Cameroons’ Photographer and CEO of Team Kelly B Photography , Kelly Blaise Achu and WE TREND ANKARA boss Lady , Manyitabot Rachel Tambe partner to exhibit the Motherlands’ rich fashion brands prior to the St.Valentine festival of love. All designs of this love and fashion filled shoot are the creative work of Rachel of We Trend Ankara Designs. Dede Folefo is the creative/ talented make-up artist for the shoot and of course, the captivating images that display the passion in fashion, is the handiwork of Kelly B photography.
The beautiful town of Buea served as the perfect location for this budding love story between romance, photography and fashion. Team KellyB Models flaunted their talents on set while rocking these unique designs and the result?? The amazing shots you see on this post.

Sweetie, you’ve got a billion ways to tell your partner how much you love them this season, get We Trend Ankara Designs on top of that list and you get a personal Vals gift from me. Here it is; when you get your “matchy” outfit, contact KellyB for an epic shot of a moment you will treasure forever with the one your heart yearns for. Tell Kelly B I sent you, he’ll give you a shot for half the fare hahahahhahahaha !! (Kelly B no rob me ooo, just go with the flow). On est quand-meme au Cameroun nor? Si tu connais quelqu’un c’est mieux pour toi. hihihihih!! Celebrate your nation through your partner this season, they’re both worth it!!

Happy Valentine season Dolls!!

Love, Sammy!


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