Once again Cameroonian artist are making their mark in the home industry and prior to the video release of the his hit song titled “Cameroonian Girl” ft Kmers King Kong Stanley Enow, Samyra’s blog had a little chat with Cameroonian Golden Boy, Nabcis on the whole idea of his latest track and his experience working with Stanley Enow.

Nabcis is a young and very talented artist. I first met him at the Ratu International Festival last year where he gave a mind blowing performance during the music and movie workshop part of the event. Talented, handsome and hardworking are a few of his top qualities. “My passion for music has given me a reason to fight for something I believe in and not only am I living my dream, I am living a reality I never dreamt of”, he says. The artist behind the inspirational track “We Get One Life” is very passionate about his new collabo with Stanley Enow. “Working with Stanley was amazing’’ He says, “He has a great sense of humor. He was very patient with everyone on set too. He is one of my home based role models and so his support /guidance through the concept till realization of this track was nothing short of a blessing to me and my career”, he narrates.


The video plot is centered on Nabcis search for the perfect Cameroonian Girl to build a future with. He goes far and wide crossing through bad roads and rivers all in a bid to find this girl. He is accompanied by his best friend who is played by the beautiful Melanie Ngeh.


After searching with no luck he realizes that the love he has been searching for was right beside him- his best friend. He explains that this is very common in our society today thus the inspiration of his new single. People often search far and wide for something they want and for some reason they do not see that which is right under their nose. Now that’s something fascinating, isn’t it?
The track is another epic and high definition video from the gold purse of the talented director Mr. Adrenaline (Chakap Am). It was produced by DJ Pazoo and shot in Douala, Cameroon. The video was released yesterday and it is available on Youtube. Watch, like and support Kmers own Nabcis. Oya Cameroonian Girls make we dance. This one is by Nabcis and Stanley for U!! You are Welcome by the way!! Just ‘cuz I know after watching the video you will want to thank them and me. Hihihihihihihhihi!! It’s a beautiful track and colorful video too. You will love it as much as I Do. #Team237 #WeGoingPlaces #HottestTrackRightNow




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