Don’t know about you but growing up I had a “thing” for Mount Kilimanjaro. When I was much younger I always thought Mt. Kilimanjaro, Egypt and Jerusalem were found in heaven. Call me stupid, hahahahahahaha but my imagination was quite wild as a kid and well it’s thanks to that wild imagination that you and I are here today; me writing and you reading my posts (I know you love to, hihihihihihi). So you might want to tell my 4yr old self “Thank you”. Enough about me though. Here is something more fascinating than my imagination. So that epic mountain I grew up thinking was in heaven is actually climbable and yes!! a man from my country reached the summit!! How epic is that huh?!! Sounds like a fairy tale to my 4yr old self and a lifetime achievement to my 24yr old self.
On the 18th of December, 2015 Enoh Marc Olivier hoisted the flag of Cameroon on the highest mountain in Africa nicknamed “the roof of Africa”, Mount Kilimanjaro. He isn’t the first Cameroonian to reach the peak though but he is the first Cameroonian to reach and hoist the flag of Cameroon at the highest point of Africa.

For those of you who are as blank in geography as I am in mathematics, let me enlighten you on why this whole event will be forever remembered in history. Mount Kilimanjaro is the tallest mountain in Africa and rises approximately 4,877 meters (16,001 ft.) from its base to 5,895 meters (19,341 ft.) above sea levels. In case these huge figures lost you, all am trying to say is Mt.Kilimanjaro is super high and I guess now you want to know why someone will choose to climb it or let alone be brave enough to reach its peak right? OK, let’s meet Enoh Marc Olivier the first Cameroonian to reach the peak of this enormous mountain.
Enoh Marc is a brave and determined young man who doesn’t consider mountain climbing only as a physical activity but also a psychological activity. He has a passion for climbing and has climbed Mount Cameroon twice. To him, a physical mountain represents all other life huddles that people often say, you can’t achieve or get through. As a young Cameroonian, he hopes this accomplishment of his will resonate in youths and make them see that there is absolutely nothing you can’t do once you set your mind to it. To share his experience with other youths in the nation, he organized a conference under the theme “LE CAMEROUN AU SOMMET DE L’AFRIQUE” at the Hilton on February 18th 2016.

Very important dignitaries of the nation ranging from Ministers to the most successful businessmen graced the event. The young population showed up in their numbers to learn and support their mate. During the conference Enoh Marc narrated his journey to the peak revealing all the challenges and the number of times he wanted to give up. According to him, the most challenging test wasn’t the number of kilometers he had to cover; it was the freezing temperatures and the reduction of air with the increase in altitude. His journey to the peak lasted six days and he was the last person to reach the top though he was one of the first people to take off. When asked what has changed in him after this experience, he says “It has given me more confidence to face other life challenges head on as well as a firsthand lesson on the importance of endurance in achieving set goals”. In his closing remarks he thanked his coach M.Asaah Ndangoh and he encouraged youths to explore their potential, be fearless, embrace challenges and release the conqueror in them.
Okaaaayy…….I’m not a fan of sports or that much physical activity but after being in the same room with Enoh and hearing his story, honey I’m about to climb both physical and mental mountains. You coming or what???!! #YesWeCan #CelebratingEnohMarcOlivier #ConqueringKilimanjaro



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