Dear Future Wifey …(Reply to the “Dear Future Husband” Letter)

Dear future wives,

    We got a reply to our Dear Future Husband letter!!! How amazing is that!!? Y’all remember that right? Well if you don’t , please go back to my previous posts find it, read it and then come catch up! I got this in my mail, with no name and the email address sounds really weird. Am guessing whoever sent it meant to stay as anonymous as possible. Well, Mr Anonymous, I hear you!! And if you are reading this, just let me say you will be a great husband someday and I hope there are many more of your kind out there for my dear future wives.(hahahahha hmmm I am taking this “Future wife spokesperson” job very seriously ooo, Oya wuna pay me). That said, I really appreciate you for reading and taking time out from your travels (you will get what I mean by that when you read the letter) to write a response to the “Dear Future Husband” letter. God Bless your kind soul and grant you your every desire (Ayeeee I bad for cajole readers ooo) Keep reading and sharing! Thank you lots! Oya, future wives enjoy this letter from your dream future husband!

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Young, Empowered, Focused, Original, Nurturing – YEFON: MEET SANDRA FONDUFE

I’ve been explaining what YEFON is to different people from the day I put up my picture collage of the “I am Yefon” Campaign on Facebook till well…, the time this post is published. From these lengthy explanations I realized that many people do not understand what it is or the whole idea behind it. Well, you are in luck, Sammy has got you! Hihihihi! And plus it is a good cause and very important for us all to understand, so I don’t mind breaking it down as many times as possible so people could really get a hang of it. So here it is. Continue reading


Hello Cameroon, do you know just how awesome you are? In case you forgot how much, am here to remind you. Charlotte Dipanda is a Cameroonian!!! Baam! That is all you need to let you know how much of a jewel u are! No kidding that lady is one of the wonders of our great nation. She has the voice of a nightingale and a childlike personality. Now what’s not to love?


And don’t even get me started on Ben Decca!! OMG!! He is a living legend with a timeless voice. Makossa is not really my jam but Ben Decca gives it a whole new touch and for that, I tilt my hat to him! I heard a journalist describe Daphne as the “New Kid on the Block” seriously?! She was the new kid on the block when she released her hit single “Rastafari” which thrust her into the spotlight at home and abroad. Now, she’s a full blown diva with dance moves to die for and an incredible vocal strength. Well if you need more info on these icons, Google them and download their music. Am not about all that today, I just want to brag about being in the same room with all this star power and how incredible the International women’s day weekend was for me. Ready? OK.
In light of the International Women’s day celebration Baileys/Guinness Cameroon S.A organized a thrilling concert at the Palais Polyvant des sports Yaoundé, Cameroon to celebrate womanhood. Who better to serenade the ladies on a night like this than that His Music Highness Ben Decca! This explains why he was the only male star in the female studded line up. So here’s the truth, I was late for this event. Yup! Very late! (Hi, My Name is Samyra. I try not to be but I am always late. Lmao!) In my defense though the time wasn’t stated on the ticket and also the last time I was on time for a concert, the artist came in 6hrs later. See? I just did not want to put myself through that again. (Inner Voice: ‘’Just shut up samyra! You are always late. Continue the post Madam’’) OK! OK! You Win! Well, the reason am emphasizing on my being late is because I missed Daphne’s performance and saw just a few minutes of Ben Decca’s so that explains why this post doesn’t have pictures of these two artist on stage. (Word press please add emojis, I will very much like to use the” I’m embarrassed emoji” right now hihihihihi) Sorry Daphne and Decca fans!


Charlotte D and Daphne Backstage

Saw the video though and yaazzz!! she killed it comme d’habitude! Goooooo Daph! Ben Decca hasn’t aged at all! He still looks almost the same as he did when I was just a kid waiting for the TV to “start” at midday so I could watch Clip Box on CRTV! (Hahahahahaha something these “ enfants androide” will never know! #theStruggle) His performance was mind blowing. Choreography was on point and his band was amazing. Ben Decca got some real smooth moves too, just so you know. And then it was time for mama Charlotte Dipanda! She received a standing ovation accompanied by thousands of screaming voices from the audience and she looked divine; a pure makossa goddess, ascending to the stage (her throne) to rule the world.

She delivered hit after hit after hit and the crowd sang along. “Coucou” “Elle n’a pas vu” “Ndolo Bukate” “Eyaye” were some of the favorites of the crowd. Then it was time for the once in a lifetime show stopping performance. Ben Decca and Charlotte Dipanda performed the strongest duet that the Cameroonian Music Industry has ever seen. I don’t get goose pimples like most people, (Yea! I’m not that emotional hahahahaha) I only get them on really special occasions and this performance was one of those moments. It was truly epic. Charlotte kept jumping up and down the stage in excitement each time Ben Decca hit a really high note, I told you she was a kid at heart! This was the highlight of the night, no lie! Charlotte closed the concert on a romantic note with her track “Coucou” and the audience sang along! She offered her appreciation and proclaimed her love for us who showed up (Got my bragging hat on! hahhahaaha).
And oohh what fun is in a concert if you don’t go along with friends or family, Right? On that note meet my pretty big sister, Nancy!

It was one of the most memorable nights of my life and I thought I’d share it with you. Add attending a live concert of an artist you really love to your to-do-list and make it happen like I did!! Beauty exists in Cameroon in all its forms; all you have to do is find it and enjoy your nation as much as you can. I know I am oooooohhh! Hope I inspire you to do same!! #KeepCalmAndLoveKmer #Moments #Events