…. I cant wait to bless you. Oppss!! The post started already? That was meant to stay in my head. Well since I said it , let me say it one more time. Dear future husband, I cannot wait to BLESS YOU!!  hihihihhi!. Well, first I can’t wait to meet you (that is if I haven’t already!! winks* Hi Baby!!) then,  bless you. How are you? Guess you just got off the phone with your bae telling her how you can’t wait to have forever with her huh? Well, see you in a few years my darling. Before you get here though, there a few things I’ll like you to know. (aside from the fact that am going to bless you of course)

First and foremost, God is compulsory. (Hahahhahaha my mum will read this and scream “hallelujah I raised her right”). Yea Mamma, u did. Am not saying you and I need to wear matchy ‘ashuabis’ every Sunday, hold hands, greet the entire congregation and seat at the first pew just under the altar so we become the pastors’ favorite couple since he sees us from the pulpit every Sunday. No, baby am not about that life either. You can breathe now!! All am saying is the best marriages have God as their foundation and I intend to have one so solid, the great wall of China got nothing on us. In order to achieve this we have to worship at church and at home as much as we can. Trust me the power of praying parents is a continuous miracle to children lucky enough to have such parents. I know life can get busy and most at times the mother/wife is really the one who covers the family with prayers, but whenever you can, you bet you are going down on your knees with me.

Secondly, remember that night we went out, got a little drunk came home and ………. well, nine months later we were at the labor room?? Yea, I know you weren’t too drunk to remember that I did not make those kids on my own. That said, am going to need your support in raising them. When i say support, oga I don’t mean solely financial support (Smh). I mean your presence, your advice, your assistance, your care, your attention and just in-short, your Help. Kids can be a whole lot unno, it will be nice if you just don’t drop cash and turn your back. Aside from being a shitty husband if you do that, you will miss out on the most beautiful experience of your life. Give your children a fine memory of you, they will forever value and love you.

Dearest Future husband, I have dreams and aspirations. Before you came along I have had a solid education, drew up some really fancy life plan and so far, done my best towards making that a reality. I acknowledge you as a blessing and I agree that I have to submit to you. Yup, agreed. Here is the thing though, you have to try to understand that aside from being a wife and a mother which will be my pleasure, I have this dream of some fancy job in Communication and also one day own a fashion magazine. I have a family that has high expectations for me. I know thousands of women let go of their dreams and settle for what is convenient for their family. I applaud them for that huge sacrifice, but darling I am a little too…wait let me think about the word……..Determined?? I guess. hahahahha! Jokes aside, google Kimora Lee Simmons and Adeline Sede K.  See! They all working mothers and they handle both roles with grace. All am saying is give me a chance to be me and I will make you super proud. Worse case scenario, I just have to do something other than be your wifey. Deal?

Now let me address your mum and your sisters. I am a sweetheart, they are going to like me. They have every reason to. Reason why I say this is so u understand my next statement. If they do not like me, that is not my fault. They just have issues and I cannot help them with that. I will love them and respect them, but I will not let them treat me in any manner less than what I deserve. I will not let them tell me how to raise my kids or how to run my home. I will take their advice not orders and I will really appreciate it if you support me on this.. I know i did not marry a mommas’ boy. Or did I? (Winks* Of course I didn’t boo)

That Cliche of ‘‘YOU now have a female on lock down, go into the world and have as many concubines as you want” is so not welcomed, Mr. We made vows in front of the Lord, friends and family and I expect to honor them and so should you. Marriage is not a cover for you to womanize underneath. If that is your plan, stop reading this post please. In fact,God forbid you are my future husband. hahahaahaha Tofiakwa ooooo!!! Stop now in the Name of Jesus!!!

Before it gets busy for us or even when it gets too busy, I will like you to take time out for just us. Plan a nice trip, make a thoughtful gesture, remember my birthday, listen to me, put in effort to make this union work and last. Even when we fight, go to the next room calm down and don’t go to bed mad. (hehehehe hear me now, tsuuiip sounding all romantic and heavenly. waaaaaah Sammy) . Just remember why we started this journey and give it your best shot. Many marriages end because couples forget about each other.  Together we gon’ be alright because divorce is just not an option (but don’t test me young man, we could head to court in a heartbeat).

P.S Start rounding off with your “Bae” , don’t waste anymore of her time. Hhahaahahah!!

On Behalf of all future Wives,

Self Elected Future wife spokesperson,






41 thoughts on “DEAR FUTURE HUSBAND………

  1. Duinyk says:

    Yah your personal dreams should never die!! If that future hubby doesn’t have interest in them, then we need a rethink! 🤔🤔
    Aseh y we nobi draw contract back in Pss hahah I helpe u with maths u read my literature novels and write my essays for me!! 😂😂😂😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

    • SammyBlaze says:

      trust u madam empire builder. knew thats the point that will hook u. hahahaah amen hun. yes ooo we for don enta dat contract since ateyu. no mind magazine loading. u will be major investor. hahahahah


  2. mado aka thicktotallycute says:

    Omg,I don’t know which Samyra this is but if it is the one I know from back in school (pss) then I am not surprised.This is a very nice piece -smart,funny,serious.This is the first thing I am reading that you wrote but I will keep tuned in for more.Oh did I mention that,this is exactly what all women want.your work I super Relatable.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Foje Jencey says:

    I love this use fun in passing an important message.just love it.did i mention i love you?oh yes i do (not in d freaky way sis, me dont do no freaky freaky) your blog.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Afortenye says:

    Nice one, and yeah if He doesn’t want the same things you want for urself then let him take the next bus….atleast that’s better…great work like this but not as exciting as the one before the Kilimajaro but u rock, I love the way you write sissy it’s like it comes from within and you don’t have to think too hard and over crowded with jargon..keep it up my love #mwaaahhhh

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Mercy Mungwa says:

    That’s a big piece so nice n true Men are what we make them to be and I beg helep me capitalize on that mother inlaw n sisters again cus that’s so friend most. Go girl great th aughts put in writing!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Rauwitta O says:

    I shudda read ds a long time ago. U hv spoken as a wise one which u are huni. May God grant u thay man ur heart deserves and mk u his blessing. Gd wk Sammy
    Kip up

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Ada Ada says:

    My first time reading a blog. Well i read the reply before this one. Good job sammy. I read n enjoyed reading till the end. Pray for u to achieve your dreams plus the husband as bonus.

    Liked by 1 person

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