Young, Empowered, Focused, Original, Nurturing – YEFON: MEET SANDRA FONDUFE

I’ve been explaining what YEFON is to different people from the day I put up my picture collage of the “I am Yefon” Campaign on Facebook till well…, the time this post is published. From these lengthy explanations I realized that many people do not understand what it is or the whole idea behind it. Well, you are in luck, Sammy has got you! Hihihihi! And plus it is a good cause and very important for us all to understand, so I don’t mind breaking it down as many times as possible so people could really get a hang of it. So here it is.

YEFON is first and foremost a book title. The amazon best seller book is a product of the hyper and creative mind of Sandra Fondufe, a Cameroonian by nationality and a native of Banso (Banso people I purposely included that part so you guys can brag about it, you’ve earned it Sha).

YEFON is also a movement; a powerful and insightful movement aimed at bringing out the best in young Cameroonians, getting them to show concern for issues that affect them either directly or indirectly and alerting them on the importance of self-building as well as exploring your full potential to become the best version of yourself. So by declaring that “I AM YEFON” you are automatically saying that you accept to stand up for issues that affect you, you are standing up for your well-deserved right to quality education and other basic rights and you are Young, Empowered, Focused, Original and Nurturing. Hope that explains it! Now let me give you details!

It has been a busy couple of months for the entire YEFON team. First there was a book tour in most regions of Cameroon during which Sandra, the Author visited a handful of colleges in these regions and delivered life changing speeches to the young future leaders. If you want to institute change and impact lives, that is the way to go! Samyra’s Blog caught up with Sandra at the House of Versi, International Women’s day Seminar so she could tell her story better and directly.




Sandra Fondufe is a young and very spirited lady, who believes so much in the value of education of any kind, be it formal or informal. She believes that the change we want to see in ourselves and our nation lies within us. All we have to do is explore our full potential and stay true to our unique nature. Aside from being a writer, she is an actress and an activist. If you love Cameroonian movies then you have seen her on screen in the thriller “Unconditional Love” with Ghana’s John Dumelo which premiered last December in Cameroon. Another movie she featured in “Refugees” took home an award at this year’s African Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards (Cameroon Obosso oooooo). She is an embodiment of artistry with a flexible mind that stretches to get involved in any project she knows will benefit humanity as a whole and Cameroon in particular.

The YEFON walk which brought together not only youths but the elderly people on March 12, 2016 was a public demonstration of these youths standing up against Terrorism and insecurity which threatens our ability to be whatever we want to be in our own Nation. For those of you who cannot connect the dots between Sandra’s YEFON movement and the political aspect of insecurity and terrorism, it’s simple. If we do not have a peaceful country how then do we study, work, find jobs, build homes, promote each other, and build our nation? See the link now? The walk started at 7.30 am at the reunification Monument, Quartier General Yaoundé (where everyone checked in and received the Yefon T-shirts) through post central to the prime ministers’ office. The girls took the lead while the boys followed closely behind. Some armed forces joined the walk to show their support for the cause.

The media was aptly represented internationally by BBC Africa and locally by Canal 2, STV, Equinox and CRTV. The Build Our Women Organization and CAMYOSOP were both partners with the YEFON team for this project.


During the interview with her, Sandra said the book tour surpassed her expectations and was a wonderful experience. However the massive turn out for the walk gave her a sense of fulfillment and humility that she couldn’t conceal in her address to the participants at the end of the walk.

You would too if you see your dreams materializing. “The trick is simple” Sandra says, “just put in so much hard work, commitment and prayer. Sit back, watch and be amazed how these will lead to eminent success”

The book YEFON,THE RED NECKLACE will be launched on Thursday 17th March 2016 at Centrale de lecture publique de Yaounde at 5pm . The book is based on the struggles of a Cameroonian girl who wants to get an education at a time when the law does not permit it, so she fights for this right while using the red necklace her father gave her as a source of courage through these struggles. “We all have a red necklace in us” she explains “it symbolizes that something which keeps us going through life’s hurdles. That factor of hope and strength. That is your red necklace”.

This is my kind of girl, people!! the fearless, determined, hardworking and strong woman! Ladies, watch and learn. Be each other’s keeper, support each other, help others and invest in yourself. The world would be a better place with more brilliant “multi-taskers” like Sandra. If you missed the walk, worry not! Next year you have a chance to make up. For now, make it to the book launch, grab your copy and experience first-hand the WONDER that is Sandra Fondufe. #BeTheChangeYouWantToSee #FemalePower #YouthsStandUp #IamYEFON #JoinTheMovement


10 thoughts on “Young, Empowered, Focused, Original, Nurturing – YEFON: MEET SANDRA FONDUFE

  1. Berry says:

    Hi Sammy. Great write-up. I’ve been reading ur blog n most confess I love it. However, I’ve a few ‘critics’ of the YEFONWalk. Drawing a line between empowerment and security isn’t enough. Social movements are meant to push/change policies or create awareness (abi I lie?). The walk didn’t achieve these. What messages were past via this march. Marching for changing is ‘soft diplomacy’; a medium for letting the public know of issues at stake and mobilizing to call-on action by government/authorities. Or even better, displaying our displaying our solidarity behind a cause or proposing a plan of action. What banners,pop-up, flyer or hand track for the YW addressed these. (Let call a spade a spade- the prevailing message on communication supports were a display of Sandra/build up to the book launch).
    How do we portray solidarity for our defence forces without bringing out symbolic elements, targeted messages or key actors within the ‘crisis’ domain?Why do a walk that requires explanation at every turn because no one seems to grasp the significant( point n case, mission failed-Message not communicated to target audience).
    To sum up my rant, YEFON is a great movement with great ideas and plans, however the delivery aspect of the movement can best be described as MIA.

    Liked by 2 people

    • SammyBlaze says:

      hahahahhaha preach ooo!! Preach sista! yea! I get your point and your rant! It was a form of publicity too for the book launch n yea, many many pple dont get the real aim, or message and i spoke to a couple of pple who believe that the Yefon motto is a little all over the place! Well, as for the walk…. maybe that was her giving her voice to support peace unno. nothing really wrong with that now is there? I just know that the details are complicated but once you dont think about it too much hahahahaha it makes sense and yes, we have major issues to work towards. lets start doing dat instead ryt? thank u for your opinion … it matas most


  2. SFD says:

    Thanks for the write up Samyrah. I love the story and above all, the font.
    And thanks Beri for your honest opinion on this issue/ Samyrah on your feedback.
    I do what I can to answer my inner calling as I have always done and will continue to do, and I urge everyone to do so too.
    It’s sad that it sometimes gets misinterpreted. I can respect your opinions on me using this concept; the walk to create publicity towards my book.
    I hope time will help you understand the real motives behind the work that I do. Hopefully this all over the place concept makes sense to all of you one day.
    Cheers Queens.


  3. Ngumabi says:

    I never understood this YEFON concept at all till now. Thanks for clarifying and I love the way you present it. It feels so good to read. It’s a great concept and I just wish that there was some follow up after the walk because this is information that our young ladies in Cameroon need to hear again and again in order to gain confidence in themselves and fight to change the way they are seen (I mean as belonging to the kitchen and all that). It’s a good concept to encourage and if it can be turned into a project that can tangibly help the youths then it will be just great!

    Liked by 1 person

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