Dear Future Wifey …(Reply to the “Dear Future Husband” Letter)

Dear future wives,

    We got a reply to our Dear Future Husband letter!!! How amazing is that!!? Y’all remember that right? Well if you don’t , please go back to my previous posts find it, read it and then come catch up! I got this in my mail, with no name and the email address sounds really weird. Am guessing whoever sent it meant to stay as anonymous as possible. Well, Mr Anonymous, I hear you!! And if you are reading this, just let me say you will be a great husband someday and I hope there are many more of your kind out there for my dear future wives.(hahahahha hmmm I am taking this “Future wife spokesperson” job very seriously ooo, Oya wuna pay me). That said, I really appreciate you for reading and taking time out from your travels (you will get what I mean by that when you read the letter) to write a response to the “Dear Future Husband” letter. God Bless your kind soul and grant you your every desire (Ayeeee I bad for cajole readers ooo) Keep reading and sharing! Thank you lots! Oya, future wives enjoy this letter from your dream future husband!

Dear future wife,

Uuuhmmmm….mm on a second thought take away the “future” from the wife; makes it sound like I  have many years before I  could meet you. That sounds like a long time to me and I can’t wait so I have hope I will meet you in a few months time. Sooo.. No! am seeing you sooner than you think!  Guess what? I am sure we’ve met during my many trips across major cities trying to be a man and building a life so I can  give u and our kids
the best of everything life has to offer.

You’re what am thinking about right now (He Laughs). Okay
picture what just crossed my mind? The image us cuddling while we watch
a movie and having a lil’ fight about the number of kids we want. I
know that’s not just the only fight we will have over kids. I would
prefer our first be a boy. I hope u so desperately want a boy too.
Trust me I’m already thinking about what gift to surprise you with when you come home from the maternity. (C’mon! I know it’s God who gives
babies, so don’t mind me). Am just thinking out loud. I promise to raise those kids step by step with you, you and them will be my “raison de vivre!’
Dear Wifey like u said it, God is COMPULSORY. All my life, I have prayed for a
woman like u: prayerful, God-fearing, intelligent and beautiful. I
know God will give us the strength and wisdom to go through
everything; our long happy moments and those short sad days. We will have so much in common and i just can’t wait to take those vows with you. I
know you’ve had a smile all through while reading this letter (Well, the pleasure is all mine! He Laughs)

Building your dreams is a priority to me. I don’t just want you carry
my name, give me kids or take care of me! I want to help you be the
QUEEN you are, MY QUEEN. Together we going to plan and make sure we
both achieve our dreams. I can’t wait to see you managing your own
empire. You are unique and priceless always remember that. I can’t wait to proudly tell someone that,  “that smart,bad-ass boss-lady you see right there, is my wife!”

Check out my bucket list!  It has much of what I have planned for us. A long
list of things I have told myself I will do and accomplish with you.
(Naahh don’t do it…Don’t ask me list them here) Well, since you did ask in my imagination (he laughs) lemme
list a few (you know I can’t stand saying NO to you right)
Here you go;
Take an underwater picture with coral reefs
Visit the Niagara Falls during our first anniversary
Make a short film during our first weekend
kiss you under the rain
That’s all for now, remind me tell you about the rest of it after our
first kiss.

Our families will be perfect (yea, I mean perfect with our
differences) They will love and respect each other. Trust me, I’m
confident about the mother and sisters in-laws u will have. They will always be ready to support u in being the best wife for their brother and son. I always think of a
family come-together. You know, both families coming together for a
common meal; it could our version of thanksgiving and why not the real thanksgiving right?. Tell me what you think about that!

Sometimes when u feel your heart beating so fast? (Especially when you
alone) then you should know, in that moment I am lying on the
couch in my  apartment alone and thinking about you. Just everything
about you-US! Thinking about the pretty unseen smiles on your
face, the surprise B day parties, picturing you and I in the kitchen
preparing dinner after work, thinking about how pretty u look in those
costume-made gowns; during weekend outings. You are unique
& extraordinary. I can’t wait to meet you and then wife you!

Well, now u know my thoughts Dear Wifey! and ohhh just so you know, I already rounded off with ‘’my bae’’.

On Behalf of the few good future Husbands,

Love, Anonymous.


Cute right? Well I have this to say.

On behalf of the romantic and fairy tale kind of future wives i say; “Awwwwwwww!! Just how unreal and amazing is he huh? Dear future husbands, this is all we ask and want! So long as you try to be anything like this, we will stay happy and strong”.

  On behalf of the skeptical future wives I say; “Mr Anonymous, I hope you didn’t just cook this up  ohhh to make yourself look good and gain anonymous points.I hope you really mean every word you said. Well if you didn’t hmmmm hmmm… na wah for you oooo!! Na oluwa go answer you personally oooo!!  OK Sah! hahahahahah!! 

Love. Future wives spokesperson,




20 thoughts on “Dear Future Wifey …(Reply to the “Dear Future Husband” Letter)

  1. Duinyk says:

    Oh dear future husband did you really leave out the part where you gonna surprise us one day with a side chick or even better the unknown kid???
    Hmmmm yes as much as we all want that fairy tale wedding, the marriage always comes with nightmares! Hihihih just a thought ohh!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • SammyBlaze says:

      hahahahahahhahah hahahha my sisischou!! aseh ehhhhh hmmmmm!!! they always have some undacova surprise ryt?? true sha! marriage has nitemares and its all about two pple tryx. but he mentioned “short sad days”nah?? hahahaa i di fite Mr Anonymous yi fite ooo. hahahahah


  2. Thick_totally_cute says:

    On second thought,Did we forget the part that we will probably go to sleep countless night without speaking to each other or sometimes use different cars to go to thesame events.I really wish i could believe there is an above future husband that sort that exist but it doesnt hurt to dream as long as you wake up…lolll😂😂😂😂😂.

    Liked by 1 person

    • SammyBlaze says:

      hahahahahhahahah Mado boo boo. My My Anonymous said “short sad days nah” hahahhaha these days fall under that. we gotta dream doh and hope there are gud few out there. Abi we get choice?? hahaha


    • SammyBlaze says:

      hahahahhahhahah becoz weti?? hahahhaha you gotta atleast bliv in the few gud men out there oo!! Hope u mean seh if the name for deh u for fyn yi huk up with yi o! hahahahah thanks for readx


      • Dr_Manka says:

        I no fo mind spending thousands of dollars just to meet him. I should have travelled the world just to find him…lol
        I actually enjoyed reading most of the articles on your blog, keep up the good work

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Victoria Island's prettiest says:

    I know how crazy it sounds but when I read the reply and the main article…every lines tells me the future wife and future husband are that perfect match. I appreciate their honesty in both letters, talking about the ”short sad days’ and they going through every step together. That’s the essence of every union…

    I think I need this guys e-mail.. Pls Sammy. Send us his e-mail oooh. If the girls can’t ask,,I will

    Liked by 1 person

    • SammyBlaze says:

      hahahahahahaahhahaha Victoria Island’s prettiest…. awwwwwww you too sweet! Ok hunae. I will send it to. on facebook messenger. hhahahahhhaha n yes oo there are a few gud men out there, hope good women like yourself find them. thnks fo ridx boo


  4. G.M. says:

    @Duink your comment got me on the floor😂😂😂😂 but like seriously bruh can you be for real😕😕? Chaiii this one pass fairy tale.
    Just stumbled on this blog today and I’m truly impressed! Well done👌👏👏 Samyra and keep it coming. I guess I’m logged here no fall my hands oh👂👂

    Liked by 1 person

    • SammyBlaze says:

      hahahaahahahahhaha thats the Duiny K effect ooo!! Awwwww thank you mucho mucho for logging on. Its abt to be a sweet ride! Thnk u mucho mucho! hahahah P.S liv my lomantic future husband ooo!! hahaha


  5. Foje JenceyU says:

    Massa all dat talk na you said sammy, me be chick too skeptical. Fairy tales end in white movies.hahahaaaaaaa.we no gettam here.Talking about trips and underwater things. This future husband eh, na God. #misstooskeptical #inobelieve #mranonymousdeylie.

    Liked by 1 person

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