“I AM HERE TO STAY”- Daphne New Album Launch

It’s 8p.m on Friday 6th May and I am seated at the Lobby of Djeuga Palace Hotel Yaounde waiting to meet Daphne, Cameroons’ female pop artist. I am excited and a little nervous. (Ohhh yea I get star struck for kmer stars. Bad belle come and beat me! lmao) Few minutes later I was led to her hotel room. She was exhausted from a busy day and was in need of  rest before her late night performance at OG nightclub. Regardless of that, she put on a work face and was ready for the interview. (She’s a Pro like that!)

Me: Hey Daphne. Nice to meet you.

Daphne: Hey Samyra. Nice to meet you too.

Me: So you’re in Yaounde to launch your Album, Here To Stay. Can you tell me about this Album?

 Daphne: Here to stay as the title implies is an Album that portrays my desire to stay in the music industry. More often than not people think that a new artist after a hit track hibernates and that is it for their career. So this is me saying that after my hit track “Rastafari” I am still here to entertain, to grow and to show my fans that I have so much more to give them.I also want to showcase my artistic side and not be defined as a reggae or pop artist but as an artist that can be flexible and do all genres of music.

Me: Ohh OK! That is indeed inspiring. Talk to me about the tracks on the Album.

Daphne: Here to stay has 15 tracks including some four earlier released tracks like “Rastafari” and “Gunshot“. Some of them include “Mothers’ Love” which I did with my mom and this track is personal because it portrays my relationship with my mom who I adore and love. I dedicate this track to all mothers around the globe as well. “Broken” another track which centers on love and heartbreak which is something that most people go through at some point in their life.”Allez” is a collabo track with Les Featurists and many others.

Me: Do you have any favorite track on the Album?

Daphne: (Laughs)Uhmmmm! I do not have a favorite track on the Album. I scream whenever i hear any of the tracks. They are like my babies unno and you cannot ask a mom to choose a favorite baby now can you? (laughs)

Me: (Laughs) Definitely not!  So tell me about growing up. Did your mom support your desire to make a career out of your love for music?

Daphne: Awww i love my mom and yes, like a typical Cameroonian mom she wanted me to have a more “defined” career and I pretended to want to be the journalist she so much wished for me to be. I used to sneak out for studio hours and it was all a little rough at that time. I used to sing in church and my mom was my biggest critic and thanks to that, I am the fine tuned artist you all know today. It wasn’t until she heard “Rastafari” that she got so emotional, gave me her full support and that meant the world to me.

Me: Mothers, What we will be without them right? Any awards or nominations you will like to talk to me about?

Daphne: Gunshot was nominated in 2015 in Nigeria but I didn’t win. I won the Urban Jamz award for Best female artist and I’ve been n0minated for KORA Awards 2016 for the most promising female artist and Yemi Alade is in that same category as well. So..keep the votes coming.

Me: Wow. I hope you win. Oya Daphnites, vote! Can you comment on the Cameroon music industry?

Daphne: I think Cameroonians now consume our own music. We are getting back that home vibe that we had in the days of Bebe Manga, Grace Decca among others. We had lost that for a while and got carried away by Nigerian, Ivorian and Ghanaian music but now, we are developing our own brand of music and who better to sell yourself than you right? I like the fact that we do not only do Afro pop like other nations but we have our unique brand with the language blend. I think in the next 5yrs our music will be in an excellent place.

Me: Any word for your amazing fans?

Daphne: Just want to thank them immensely for their support and say that I know this may be cliché but I love them immensely and I promise to not let them down. Please get your copy of the Album “here to stay”  , vote for me for the KORA Awards and spread the love. Thank you Sammy!

Me: You’re welcome, beautiful!

Daphne’s Album signing took place on Saturday 7th May at Centre Culturel Francaise. In attendance was diverse media organs, fans and the Cameroonian talented male artist Numerica.

Santher Photography covered the event in the professional photos department and I covered the Selfie Department! hahahahaha!

Show some love for 237 Music, people!! We are earning a spot on the map thanks to hardworking and talented artist like Daphne!






Okaaaaay So this happened! #TiwaNTeeBillzSaga

Know I’ve been silent for a bit. Body no be stick but hola! I’m here now and my favorite Nigerian Female Artist is making headlines and here’s my take on the whole saga. In case you haven’t heard, Nigerian “BeyonceTiwa Savage and her “Has-been” husband/former manager Tunji “TeeBillz“are engaged in one of the most scandalous failed marriages saga ever. The duo tied the knot two years ago and have baby Jamil together. TeeBillz has three other kids from a previous relationship and the two have been living every girls dream (well that’s what we thought) since then.

The old adage goes ”99 days for the thief, 1 day for the owner”; the public became the owner when Twitter went wild two days ago with a scandalous tweet from TeeBillz in which he accused his wife of stealing his manhood (Whatever that means Boy!), his mother-in-law of witchcraft and then boast of how he “made” his wife from nothing to the Dorro Diva she is today. He accused her of sleeping with Don Jazzy, 2Face and Dr. Sid and declared that he was about to take his own life. Asked for forgiveness from his four kids saying he’d rather die than live at the mercy of Tiwa and her mum. Twitter went wild and everyone lashed out on Tiwa Savage for being a bad wife. Hmmmm… next thing we know reports say TeeBillz was rescued by Peter Okoye of Psquare and Banky W (his Bestie) from the Lekki- Ikoyi bridge where he was about to jump off and end his life (Bruh!? You really have issues. FYI when people want to die by jumping off a bridge there is no delay. They just jump. Think you wasted time on purpose. You really didn’t want to die. Yup! I said it).

Now the ball was in Tiwa’s court and everyone was waiting for her move and Baam!!  she went ahead to do the one thing that I personally do not agree with when stars have crisis like this. I have nothing but love and respect for Tiwa Savage. She is a diva in her own right. She makes slaying and talent seem like picking your teeth with a toothpick; plain easy but Tiwa, sister!  you fall my hand ooo.

Tiwa Savage “Tunji never gave me a dime not even when I was pregnant” Pulse TV interview

Tiwa gave an exclusive interview for Pulse TV (click Link above) in her home wearing a Tshirt with some weird-looking headscarf, looking torn up and miserable.


C’mon!! You are Tiwa Savage. Who handles PR for Tiwa sef? She got on camera and spilled gory details about her marriage; details that weren’t at all necessary. Yes, you had a hard marriage. Yes, he was a drug addict and wanna-be who put you in debt and mentally abused you. Yes, you were the breadwinner of the family but no one knew that and Yes, He is a “fuck boy” who cheated on a “good” woman and the list of stupid things that TeeBillz did is endless but I mean who needs to know all that info though? You don’t owe us any explanation. You are the Star in that relationship. Pffff bet if i do a random street or online sample no one will know who TeeBillz is. Never heard of him till he became Mr.Tiwa Savage so why then do you ridicule yourself by explaining stuff to an amateur interviewer who obviously doesn’t have empathy for whatever it is you are narrating. Why Tiwa? Whose advice was this?  Oga Don Jazzy shebi na you? I hated watching the entire interview.

Don’t get me wrong, I feel so bad for Anti Tiwa and everything that she has been through but still put her chin up and tried to make her marriage work which is what most African women do for fear of divorce or shame. My point is she is not an average African woman, she is a mega star and you do not come out in public and air out your dirty laundry in a show of shame in a bid to maybe get public sympathy. Why do you need it? Your lunatic husband has done a fine job displaying how crazy he is all by himself. All you need do is sit lip tight, cry all night if you have to and then make a hit track about it weeks later (if you must say something) and bank yourself  more cash because you are a Boss like that or release a press statement if you must. Now she has more issues because people are calling her out on the interview saying it was an empathy attempt and the fact that her brows were on point means it was staged blah, blah,blah!

Google Toke Makinwa, my role model relationship vlogger. Her marriage to Maje whatever was a sham and the internet went crazy with it but she kept it professional, didn’t explain herself, or seek public pity or respond to social media bullying and just like that, that story became history. See that is my type of woman. Your friends and family are the only ones who might know your business, random people with free WiFi and a lot of time on their hands don’t need to know nothing! Hell, I can go through the worst breakup and no post on my timeline will ever tell you what’s going on in that department and then what more of you? A mega star? Tsuiip! Well, whats done is done. I hope Tiwa rises like a phoenix from this as well as get a new PR team around the same time Pulse TV fires this annoying interviewer for a terrible job.

I hope this serves as a lesson to all those who care more about keeping up appearances at all cost than having an actual real relationship. It’s OK to try to make your relationship or marriage work but hunae, Its OK too to walk away when you’ve had enough. Yea, you might be afraid of the unknown but who ever knows for sure right? Choose you and trust that someone deserving of you will meet you half way or choose to cover it all up and watch it blow up in your face one fine sunny afternoon. Your Choice!!