Just when you thought you need a break from all the social media drama, BOOM!! A nude picture of Cameroons’ rising Rendez-Vous Boy and Artist Ambe pops up out of the Blues.


LA STAR Abi?? Just Wrong!

I haven’t stopped cracking up since I saw this picture. OHH MY GOODNESS!!! Whose idea was this? What exactly is the purpose of this picture? Hmmm in my grandmothers voice “My pikin, lep am. Nyete!!” Here are some reasons why I think this picture is so wrong!

  • Ambe if you are trying to be like Petit Pays, well I have news for you! He was a star born in a different era and he is of a french speaking origin. Trust me! These people have more tolerance for things like this than we English based Cameroonians do.
  • Seriously?? Try posing with at least your boxers on first. Then later when you feeling more crazy you can pose as nude as this. I mean, you cannot just pop up naked out of the blues and give a heart attack to peoples phones!! Its just not cool man! (LMAO) Even petit pays took off his clothes one by one, slowly passing through each crazy stage before reaching your stage! Jesus!!
  • Please! Look at that picture! It is far from sexy for Christ sake! It is just outright hilarious. He looks scared and unsure! I mean it is like someone had a gun to his head and forced him to take the picture! If you want to do nude piks, own it Ambe! And please try to make it worth the trouble of looking at it! My friend said “you are as straight as a ruler” not my words, hers! Hahahaha and i swear I agree!
  • You were on the right track man! Making great hits like “Les filles de mon pays” and your latest inspiring track feat X Maleya “Petit a Petit” which I’m a great fan of and then you go ahead and do this Now?? Lawd have Mercy! Ive rolled my eyes so much since i saw this pik that I guess I’ll be cross-eyed soon!
  • I know that buzz like this can be good for marketing purposes because then many people will want to see the picture and talk about you and you can milk it for your career gains. But man, its risky and just doesn’t feel or look right! Get it together! You’re one of Kmers promising talents and we will hate to see you down the wrong path! And ohh call me if you need brains on your PR team! Hahahahahahha!

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