Officially the Beyoncé of Africa: Tiwa savage signed by Roc Nation

    All hail Anti Tiwa!! Now that is what I’m talking about!! Ladies this is how you rise above all drama and stay focused so you get that paper!!! 💃🏿💃🏿😊😊😊💴💴💵💵💸! Shortly after her failed marriage and shortly after Roc Nation got served a lawsuit from Rita Ora following her departure from the billion dollar record label,  the two found each other and it is a match made in music heaven!



JayZ, Tiwa and Dorro Boss, Don Jazzy

Tiwa savage posted  up this picture on Instagram of her, Jay Z,( Roc Nation Boss) and her Mavin Boss Don Jazzy ,after the deal was signed,sealed and delivered. Tiwa Savage is officially the first African to be signed by Roc Nation! How is that for making History huh?? Go Girl! Africa is super proud of you! Tiwa Savage is the result of Jayz’s search for the best African Talent which started many months ago! Music is a universal language and huge moves like this goes to prove that we Africans are doing something right! Anti Tiwa, take your seat beside Beyoncé and Rihanna! You deserve it! And I look forward to that collabo with Beyoncé you’ve always wished for!

Love, Sammy!!


12 thoughts on “Officially the Beyoncé of Africa: Tiwa savage signed by Roc Nation

  1. Neh says:

    Hahahaha anti Tiwa na really for take seat for corner Beyonce and Rihanna di watch.nongsens all togeda.#IStandWithTiwa great blog Samyra.
    Your pen is unique!incredible writing style.

    Liked by 1 person

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