Signed,Sealed,Delivered: Eto’o and Georgette tie the knot!

Ladies and gentlemen it’s a wrap on the whole Etoo-Nathalie-Georgette threesome! Hallelujah!!! Etoo peut tout faire , vraiment! He tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend and mother of two Georgette Tra Lou on Tuesday 14th June in an exquisite ceremony at Stezzano,Italy in the presence of the creme de la creme of football games and other high profiled personelle.

I for example didn’t know the couple wasn’t officially hitched yet(that’s how little I know about everything football, lmao) I mean after all that drama Georgette put up with from Etoo, plus those two cute kids, the lady deserves a wedding in space or on the moon if she desired one. The ceremony was befitting for her and I will like to applaud her for keeping her cool through out the media fuss on Etoo and Nathalie. Georgette doesn’t have any social media account and that is something I want to applaud her for as well. She keeps her private life , private and let the public speculate till they run out of ideas. Honey, you are the Beyoncé of our nation! Thumbs up boss! Know some women cannot handle the drama but for some unique reason you did. You try well well Aunty!!

Nathalie Nkoah is pregnant and engaged and papa Etoo sealed the deal with Georgette!! This party is officially over, people!! let it go and I hope they all find happiness in their unions! This is however one scandalous tale the world won’t forget in a hurry! However,like in the fairy tale stories , I say “All is well that ends well”😘😊


3 thoughts on “Signed,Sealed,Delivered: Eto’o and Georgette tie the knot!

  1. Gertrude Mildred says:

    Mum you know how for engage man for gist yah🙌🙌…. even after reading from other blogs some of which were merely cut, copy, and paste #ididntsaynutx reading your writeup felt like a new juicy gist… 👍thumbs up girl. Abeg give it to us in your own words no do that copy copy some bloggers do. That’s what makes it juicy and fun coming back here💯👌

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