Body Art: A Do or Don’t?

Dont ask what inspired this talk on body art!! Hi hihi I won’t tell!! But trust me, it’s a long story! Well body art includes Tattoos, piercings and every other additional “decor” (lol) that one adds to their skin.  Continue reading


My Top 5 Kmer male artists

Its Tuesday and to celebrate the an awesome week ahead as well as ease off exam stress, I served myself all this “eye candy” . With that in mind, I want to give a shout out/STANDING OVATION to these 5 awesome male artist who are repping 237 on a whole new level on the music scene! Ready?

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So He’s Married but Uhhmm…🤔

I call it the UMS (Unhappily Married Syndrome). This is a disease that affects some married men. The best part is their wives rarely know they have it, but their side chicks who believe they are the cure to this illness know everything about it: from diagnosis, to symptoms, to prescriptions and what have you. Continue reading