My Top 5 Kmer male artists

Its Tuesday and to celebrate the an awesome week ahead as well as ease off exam stress, I served myself all this “eye candy” . With that in mind, I want to give a shout out/STANDING OVATION to these 5 awesome male artist who are repping 237 on a whole new level on the music scene! Ready?


Il est dans mon rae Comme

personne ke Je connais avant! (If that French no correct , just read am pass quietly, lmao)  Don’t know about you but to me, Locko is the biggest thing out of Kmer right now. The voice , the look, the swag and his humility makes him the total package. Mr.Sawa romance serenades the ladies each time he drops a hit! The Big Dreams Label Artist has made hits back to back which has earned him numerous awards at home and abroad. I salute you Sir and Please include me in your line for the post of future wifey! Lmao!

2- X-Maleya 

When Drake said “Started from the bottom now we’re here” he was talking about these guys.


Dem Boyz!

They have walked their way petit a petit over the years and have finally earned a spot in the sunlight of stardom. I admire their struggle and hard work. They will forever be a source of inspiration to many Cameroonians. The XM music label artists recent hit “Mon Mariage” is a clear proof of that. They have toured across the world, won countless awards and we can only wish them good luck as they take us higher.


This guy makes saying “Je suis Bamenda et puis koi?” more sophisticated than Jovi originally hoped it will be ,I think!

imageAll hail the best thing out of Bamenda, Mr.Wule Bang Bang/Mr.Fine Boy No Money! Magasco has quickly become a household name at home and abroad. To me he represents an unstoppable drive and ambition. The Empire Record label talent knows exactly how to start and end the party with his banging tracks. He blends rap and cultural tunes to make magic. His latest hit “VIP” looks like it will be on the waves of Trace Africa for a long time coming! Keep doing Us proud,Efsi!

4-  Mr. Leo

It is one thing to be an artist but it is a whole other thing to be an artist with a purpose and to me that is who Mr.Leo is.

imageAll his tracks carry a unique social message with a fine beat coupled with his ability to blend franc-anglais , French and English languages. That is what makes Mr.Leo unique in his style of music. His recent hit track “Kemayo”  is a golden track to add to his collection of songs with social messages like “on va gereh” and “E go Better”. The Alphabetter Record artist is well on his way to higher heights!

5- Dynastie Le Tigre 

Je suis tellement dingue de ce gentleman! His voice is just heaven! He has quickly earned a spot in the Kmer hall of fame!

imageFrom his collabo track with Stanley Enow “Prend Soin d’elle” to “Le Menjang” and now “Dingue de toi”, the  Tiger Productions artist has proven his worth and stayed true to his uniqueness!The looks, the swag and the voice are definitely here to stay and I can’t wait for what’s to come from this fine 237 gold mine!

P.S I love me some Jovi make no mistakes but because we talking about trending-right-now artists, he didn’t make the list! Dunno what’s up uncle Jovi but I know you are cooking up something down in your New Bell Factory! Or better yet you letting Reniss enjoy the spotlight on behalf of the whole team! Much Respect Boss! We await your comeback!


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