Body Art: A Do or Don’t?

Dont ask what inspired this talk on body art!! Hi hihi I won’t tell!! But trust me, it’s a long story! Well body art includes Tattoos, piercings and every other additional “decor” (lol) that one adds to their skin. 

I’m going to focus on tattoos and piercings because those are the hits of body art. People get tatoos for different reasons. It’s not rare however to find others who do not have a story behind their tatoo: they probably did it because they thought it was “cool” or made them look “tough”. Well story or no story, I think body art has more acceptance in some societies than others. Take the Western World for example; it is very common to see people tattooed up from neck to ankle and it is totally  OK!

Now take Africa! Get a tatoo and automatically people brand you negatively especially if you’re a girl. Guys could get away with whatever, they always do!  Numerous piercings give out a rock star  or loose lifestyle personality depending on the context because some African cultures have been involved in piercings since the time immemorial.

However maybe all this negativity is owing to the fact that body art isn’t our culture and it is just one of those things that don’t sit in well with us. For example, try taking a guy home to momma who has tattoos all over and I bet you, you might have to spend a week in the pastors’ house for deep counseling and prayers! Haaahaaahaa! I just wish people won’t be judged harshly based on having tattoos but again what we term “responsible” people don’t go around tattooing their skin so , from the African Perspective I get it. A little more moderation on the judging will be nice though!

My issue with tattoo is medically oriented rather than social. Tattoos have negative effects on the skin and more often than not harm your skin increasing risk of skin cancer. What happens though when you’re old and saggy and have to explain to your grand babies why there’s an  eagle whose wings don’t open (considering they use to open when your skin was tough and with age your skin sagged and so did the wings) on your back??  See my point? I heard a comedian Russell say “Tatoos are pretty cool when you’re young, just wait till you age then no one will have to tell you getting a tatoo was the dumbest thing you did in your youth”.

Before you get a tattoo think long and hard about it! Be ready for all the social branding that might come with it.

Ask yourself if it’s worth it. I know a girl who tattooed her Boos’ name and then baam.. They broke up! Now she had to try the hardest she could to cover it up. I mean…. Duuuh!! If you love him that much, show him! Engrave his name in your heart or something. Don’t go on a wimp and get a tatoo, especially if they are they real ones! Honey those ones never go away! Consider the option, talk about it and if you have typical African Parents, well remember your funeral will be a week or so from the day you get one! Lmao! (I love little tattoos though!) So what’s it gonna be Champ? In Shakespeare’ voice “To be or not to be?” 🤔🤔🤔

Love, Sammy!😘


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