CO-FOUNDER OF OVAMBA SOLUTIONS, Viola Llewellyn talks leadership and technology for women in the Inspirational Issue of FabAfriq Magazine.



Nothing screams “Girl Power” better than a woman in Technology who’s great at it. As she graces the cover of FabAfriq Inspirational Issue, The Co-founder and President of Ovamba Solutions, Inc. Viola Llewellyn, talks women issues, business insights, leadership skills and life in general as we know it.

Thanks to her rich profile built through her years of service at Unisys Corporation, IBM, KPMG Consulting, BearingPoint Rothschild’s, and many others, Viola has acquired numerous  leadership skills which makes her exceptional at what she does and makes her an inspiration to African women and the world at large.

In her interview with FabAfriq magazine, she reaches out to every woman as she encourages them to explore their full potential, be daring and face life challenges head on. In her own words; “We are here to build the foundation for those unborn and for Africa’s legacy to be returned to what it was always going to be – the cradle of mankind.” Now that is a woman you should listen to and make your role model as well!

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Modeling Or Pointless Nudity? #237ModelingEvolution

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Looking at how far we have come in terms of entertainment in general,I can’t help but give a round of applause to all those who worked tirelessly to get the industry to this point. However we just ain’t there yet and might not get there in long time if we don’t fix all that’s holding us back. As always, this is my opinion! (This week the focus is on the Fashion Industry. Movie and Music industry will follow consequently!)

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I submitted this short story for the 237 Sisters Speak 2016 Essay competition some months ago. I didn’t win (of course! else I would’ve flaunted it all over. lmao!) but my story was selected for further editing before publishing (Yaaay, still great right?) Wanted to share it with you guys and get feedback! (Yea, you all mean that much). Each story submitted was supposed to highlight a social problem faced by the female population in Cameroon. My story highlights the moral decadence that plagues female job seekers in Cameroon. The lengthiness of the story is accordance with essay rules. Biko no vex! Hope its a good read!

Love, Me.

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