Modeling Or Pointless Nudity? #237ModelingEvolution

I’ve observed the media fuss about what seems to be a trend in Cameroon modeling industry today: Nudity! Wow! I never thought we will get here so fast! Always thought we had a couple of more years but well, I guess the android generation cannot wait to take it off. So since we are here, we might as well address the elephant in the room!              The modeling industry in Cameroon has taken a rather bold turn in recent times. Photos of Half naked models flood the Internet on a daily and jaws drop each time they do. The controversy surrounding these pictures cannot be ignored on social media and may I say I see every reason why such controversy is expected . I mean… Common are we there yet? Is the population ready to accept nudity as an “Art” like these models claim it is? What about our culture, values and beliefs? These are some of the concerns of those who do not agree with this nudity trend in the industry. Well, my opinion is this whole nudity thing is just uncalled for and it isn’t modeling as such. Let me explain!

The stars we see on TV who go nude for photo shoots get paid big bucks to take it all off for big brands. Now let’s take you some random model in Cameroon, honey how much did you bank for this shoot? Money aside, what exactly are you modeling? Let me ask out of curiosity! What is a picture of a girl in an undisclosed lingerie brand name supposed to be selling or modeling ?

If you’re gonna wear a lingerie for a shoot, then you should be modeling that lingerie brand: that is totally acceptable. But to just lay there with that smile on your face like someone told you, you are about to break the Internet and you believed them is just … Wow! Really??

If you want to be taken seriously as a model then start with your clothes on. Do some decent shows and shoots and make a name  for yourself so by the time you reach the peak of your career and decide you want to take your clothes off,it will be for something big. People will actually go an extra mile to get you to pose nude. When you start by taking your clothes off, well I hate to be the one to break it to you but that is likely the only kind of “job” you’ll be getting in a long time.

I was at a runway show a while back and a model came on the runway with nothing but a G-string but her body was covered in body paint/art. She also had on a giant necklace by the designer. Now that is modeling as an art. She was nude  , yes but that was the kind of nude with a point and artistic aspect attached to it in order words – Modeling. Don’t know about you but the crowd (me included) was in approval of this considering she received a standing ovation as she walked down the runway. Sure people had different opinions later but my point is at least you get and see the whole artistic modeling aspect of it at first sight.

imageThese pictures that flood the Internet just look to me like someone called an audition for a porn video and asked for photos to be submitted; No art, No point, No message and just social media feud starters. Well now they got the attention of people and got their names out there. Congratulations Mamacita, Your country salutes you!😒😏. Like they say, Controversy is good publicity. I believe the crave for fame (by wanting to do the undone) is the drive behind these nude trend and not the passion for modeling as should be the case.

Common people!  We just started getting it right as far as modeling is concerned. Can you guys drop this and get back on track already??! I Have a Dream that a time might come when it will be totally OK to do nudes in Cameroon, (laughs) I just don’t think that time is now!! Well, What do you think?

Love, SAmy!😚


13 thoughts on “Modeling Or Pointless Nudity? #237ModelingEvolution

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, but they don’t get it… it’s like a daring thing but I guess they want to be art Models or something like that but if I were a Victoria Secret Model yeah y not but guess cameroonians want it by power by force and quick with no stress


  2. @afortenye says:

    Yeah, but they don’t get it… it’s like a daring thing but I guess they want to be art Models or something like that but if I were a Victoria Secret Model yeah y not but guess cameroonians want it by power by force and quick with no stress

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  3. Mezoh says:

    I bow for u too like play lol…but then your sense too much.I lyk d line where u asked what are they modelling or showing?if these nude pics flooded w a brand name or something …it would make some sense.

    Liked by 1 person

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