So Your Friend Sucks at something! You tell them or Naah?

I saw a quote on Instagram that read:

Not everyone will become Lil Wayne or Beyoncé . Sit them down and let them know.”  

My first reaction was to burst out in  loud laughter and then I thought about it for a while. Well, yea! It is true. I mean not everyone has the talent to excel at something and if they really are your friend, I think it’s totally OK to sit them down and tell them that. Continue reading



We bringing the 90s back one choker at a time! From elephant pants to rocking a natural fro and now choker necklaces!!? It is obvious this generations’ style is borrowed from the old days plus a little more swag and VOILA! A new trend is born! That’s why we are one hot generation the world won’t forget in a hurry! You best believe that! Choker necklaces have become a must have accessory for most females around the world. Move aside pet puppies, ladies are taking over the chokers! Continue reading

Cameroonian Footballer, Gaëlle Deborah becomes a Western Union Brand Ambassador.

I’m all for girl power and so of course it delights me that Cameroonian female footballer Gaëlle Deborah Enganamouit, who plays forward for Swedish Damallsvenskan club FC Rosengård is the new Face of Western Union until March, 2017. Continue reading

Event: The Movie Premiere of “Yenkong’s Cross” At Hilton Hotel,Yaounde.

Melo studios is proud to present the new movie,  Yenkong’s Cross which premiered on Friday , 26th August 2016 (Know the post is late and I  Love that u won’t ask Why either!😜🤗 Lmao😂) at The Hilton Hotel Yaounde.  The event was a clear proof of the evident growth in the Cameroon Movie Industry in terms of organization and Class!  Continue reading