Event: The Movie Premiere of “Yenkong’s Cross” At Hilton Hotel,Yaounde.

Melo studios is proud to present the new movie,  Yenkong’s Cross which premiered on Friday , 26th August 2016 (Know the post is late and I  Love that u won’t ask Why either!😜🤗 Lmao😂) at The Hilton Hotel Yaounde.  The event was a clear proof of the evident growth in the Cameroon Movie Industry in terms of organization and Class! 

Yenkong’s Cross is a movie written and  Produced by the CEO of Melo Studios, Mr Alfred Melo. It is a movie which tells the story of a society where people take advantage of others especially those who aren’t strong enough to defend themselves . The aim of the movie is to pinpoint these acts of oppression and help effect change that will better humankind as a whole.

The cast and crew of the movie is outstanding with its lead actor the talented Mr Chinepoh  Cosson who plays Mr Yenkong and the amazing Mrs Ngwafor Roselyn who plays his wife in the movie. L.T Njeck is the director/ Producer of this must watch movie which sets the standards for the industry.

The red carpet event which was attended by the “Who’s Who” of Cameroon movie industry and beyond was well organized, glamorous and a memorable evening as well. Excerpts of the movie Yenkongs Cross was projected in the hall and judging from the uproar of laughter during the movie projection, I’ll say it is an entertaining literary work of art that will stand tall in the industry and amongst the audience in Cameroon and beyond.


Richard King 

The very talented Cameroonian Legend, Richard King was the star of the evening thanks to his melodious voice that resounded through the Hilton Halls. Those in attendance showed their support towards this grande movie and you can do the same by getting your copy of this fine artistic visual work – Yenkong’s Cross!

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We are almost there people! Just keep believing in yourself and doing your best! This industry will make its mark in the world someday soon! #237 #SupportOurOwn #BabySteps👏🏾👌🏾💪🏾



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