So Your Friend Sucks at something! You tell them or Naah?

I saw a quote on Instagram that read:

Not everyone will become Lil Wayne or Beyoncé . Sit them down and let them know.”  

My first reaction was to burst out in  loud laughter and then I thought about it for a while. Well, yea! It is true. I mean not everyone has the talent to excel at something and if they really are your friend, I think it’s totally OK to sit them down and tell them that.

Problem these days is everyone wants a “Yes Man” and everyone thinks of the person who is blunt and honest as the bad guy. Contrary to that , I believe that only the most honest and truest of friends will tell you like it is.

They support you by all means and that is why they think you will be great at one thing and not the other! I hope people begin to see it this way rather than just getting mad at the thought of someone telling you “Hey. I really don’t think you have the talent at this or that. It’s not really your thing and I think you should try this instead!”.  Plain and Simple truth. Honey it hurts no lie but which do you prefer? That they tell you or that they act like you’re great and then ridicule you once you walk out the door?

Dont get me wrong! It’s very OK to try new things and see what works. But there are certain things that can’t be thought and that some people where just not meant to do. Remember that awful song you heard on the radio? Didn’t you wish his friend  had sat the guy down and told him music was not just his thing? Well.. It would’ve saved you and all other thousand of listeners the grueling 19mins of listening to all that mess. Right? Can you remember a movie you watched and you kept wondering “Who in the world cast somebody this bad for a movie!?”.

My point exactly! It is OK to give negative criticism as a friend to another. I believe only real friends will do that anyways. If your friend gets mad at you for telling it like it is, well at least you did what only the best of friends will do . Too bad for them they didn’t see that.

Support your friends and encourage them but If they suck at something, I vote “YES” on telling them that they really are not getting it right. Help them propose ways they can be better or well if it’s as bad as you think, Hold their hand and gently tell them to LET IT GO(lmao) . And you? What’s it going to be !? To tell or not to tell? Decisions, Decisions!🤔


6 thoughts on “So Your Friend Sucks at something! You tell them or Naah?

  1. Duinyk says:

    It’s sad that nowadays the real definition of constructive criticism has been interchanged with “Bad belle”!!
    Me I vote telling your friend if they suck while being positive about other areas to exploit!!

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  2. @afortenye says:

    “Hold their hand and tell them gently”, mmmm?don’t remember you being that calm when telling me, “no sissy” lol. But yeah especially amongst ladies they need to learn to take constructive criticism and work on it. But my point when you criticize help them see another side where they excel better. But ohhhhhhhhh yeah tell am….

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  3. Feh S says:

    Samy u know me sef nor? Belle no be store……if am not dat close to the person i keep my mouth shut….but if its a close friend I’ll tell dem d truth. If they get mad at me, i know i tried. But most good friends will appreciate d truth

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