Is there any such thing as a “Good breakup?”

My girls and I are like  a group therapy that doesn’t end…literally!! So we had this talk on “good” and “bad” breakups some months ago. People often say “No we are good. It was a good breakup” . Sometimes they say “If I ever talk to A or B again…it will be in my next life”. Now that’s the type of thing you say after a bad breakup.  Continue reading


#237 Model Afor Tumban AKA Miss Tenye wins “Best Cameroonian Model” Award at the Diaspora Entertainment awards

…And it’s a big win for Afor Tenye AKA Miss Tenye as she takes home her first ever award since the start of her modeling career in 2011.  Continue reading

Whatever it Is You plan to Do…Just Start!!

I like to call this post the “Anniversary post” and I hope it inspires someone out there!


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