Whatever it Is You plan to Do…Just Start!!

I like to call this post the “Anniversary post” and I hope it inspires someone out there!


Remember that feeling in your gut that feels like butterflies and thunder? Well buried under all that is passion and Drive!! Passion to excel and overcome all fear and just Start! Everyone has that project that they always wanted to dive into but keep putting it off for one reason or the other. Well today I just want to say “Wait no more, just Start”. I remember how many times I put off starting a blog or taking my skill in creative writing seriously. My family and friends always saw it in me but to me, it was just something I’ll like to do someday!

Well that someday never came for a long time and when it did I lost my blog username and password more than twice (lmao) and like a typical looser, I gave up. Then at the time I least expected under the most unfavorable conditions, I put in my all and committed to making my blog a reality

One Year Later!!

I engraved my username and password unto everything I could find and sent it to all my friends to keep for back up (thanks guys) and here we are a year later. Am I there yet? No! Am I close? U bet I am! And that is all because Someday, somewhere I decided to take the first step and I started: with my hands shaking, countless doubts, messy incompleted ideas, and no idea how long this project was going to last but here we are…a year later and many steps closer.

       So wherever you are, what ever you have passion for, whatever they said you can’t do…well Get up and just start and show them how much of a bad a$$ you are. You will never know till you try and I bet you before you know it, one year would have gone by and many more years will go by in the same manner and you will look back and be glad that you STARTED : with shaky hands and feet and an unsure mind! Good luck to you! 

Dedicated to all my readers! Thank You so much!😍😍😍


7 thoughts on “Whatever it Is You plan to Do…Just Start!!

  1. Ngumabi says:

    This is just the right dose of encouragement every starter and would be starter needs! I’m happy I came across this post. Reminds me of my own beginning. I wish I never wasted all that time doubting if I could do it! I’m not yet a year old in blogging but I was just thinking to myself as I read that I wish to write a post like this by the time I am ONE! Thanks for this honest and wonderful post! And a happy anniversary too!

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