Is there any such thing as a “Good breakup?”

My girls and I are like  a group therapy that doesn’t end…literally!! So we had this talk on “good” and “bad” breakups some months ago. People often say “No we are good. It was a good breakup” . Sometimes they say “If I ever talk to A or B again…it will be in my next life”. Now that’s the type of thing you say after a bad breakup. 

From what I gathered a good breakup is when there is no bad blood between you two and you both agree to mutually end the relationship . Does this however mean it doesn’t hurt one partner more than the other? They always say “In a relationship , one person loves harder than the other”. So what might seem like a good breakup to partner A may not be a good breakup to partner B but they just go with it either ways. Maybe in a bid to act “mature” (Whatever that means these days doh)

Bad breakups get super ugly and some people actually prefer this type of breakup. Maybe because they never have to talk to their ex again and that chapter is totally closed . I read some place that your ex asking you to be friends is like your kidnappers asking you to keep in touch (lmAo! swear the mean memes on IG doh!)  And the upside of a bad breakup is your new partner wouldn’t have to worry about you being “just friends” with your ex either.

A guy once told me that if he was done with a girl and she didn’t want to stay friends , that means she still loves him. (Really Dude? How about she’s avoiding you like a contagious disease?🤔🤔😂)

Well whatcha think? Are “good breakups” a reality? Are the bad breakups a better option? Does the hatred in bad breakups help you get over a failed relationship ?


2 thoughts on “Is there any such thing as a “Good breakup?”

  1. Duinyk says:

    Hahaha u know how I feel about Exs it’s a done and dusted strong!! I don’t mind being cordial but don’t call me everyweek kinna disrespect to the new partners!! But this is a case where we had a good break up!! 😂😂 cuz i only let u go wen my feelings are exhausted 😩 👉🏾

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