Why TOke Makinwa,Nigerian Vlogger will go down in history as a Boss Lady!

If he makes you cry, Honey make him pay big time!!”
That is a boss lady motto right there. Toke Makinwa, Nigeria radio personality, TV host , Vlogger and now author of her biopic “On Becoming” is a pro at handling scandals and turning pain into fortune.(Ching !Ching!) Continue reading


#News: Miss Cameroon 2016 denied a US visa to participate in the Miss World 2016 Contest

One of the perks of being a Miss is you get to travel all around the world and follow what ever path being a miss takes you.  Continue reading

Snooping: A relationship Do or Don’t?

Snooping is the art of lurking (lmao) and lurking is the art of searching for information on someone from them without their knowledge (Swear I don’t know what scholar made that up or I just imagined it . Well you get the point)

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We can’t all succeed when half of us are held back“- Malala Yousafzai, Pakistani activist for female education and youngest ever Nobel Prize Laureate.
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WCW: #237 Model Tancho Zinky

It’s Wednesday !! The only official day it’s totally OK (in Africa lol) to publicly crush on a lady..even if you are a lady. Today we are crushing on Black Beauty and Cameroonian model, Tancho Zinky! Continue reading