WCW: #237 Model Tancho Zinky

It’s Wednesday !! The only official day it’s totally OK (in Africa lol) to publicly crush on a lady..even if you are a lady. Today we are crushing on Black Beauty and Cameroonian model, Tancho Zinky!

Who is Tancho Zinky? 

She’s a Cameroonian based runway and commercial model.

Where are you from?

I am from the West region of Cameroon, the Bamileke tribe. 

Why did you get into modeling?

Modeling is my number one passion, I started doing it at a professional level because I love cat walking so I decided …why not take it professional and make a difference in my society.

Any role model(s)?

uhmmm, can’t say I have just one role model. Many models inspire me in different ways… Naomi Campbell, I love her attitude on the runway, Ajak Deng..amazing photo model and yeah a 237 model who recently won the DEA Afor Tumban…she’s relentless in her efforts.

What has been your challenges in the industry?

At the beginning it was differentiating the real people who want to see the success of our industry and those who are out to exploit. With time it’s all clear.

Ikr? Tough World! What are your short and long term goals with regards to modeling?

I want to make my country proud in every way  that I can through my career both at a national and international level.
We can each be the change or start the change we want to see in our country the modeling industry needs CHANGE.

What is your take on the kamer modeling industry? 
Slowly but surely we are getting there…many more shows coming up, designers and some others involved in the fashion industry are beginning to learn that they have to pay for modeling services. It’s growing.

So what is Zinky the Model up to these days? *Winks
My most recent project was a shoot commercial for Dream boutique situated in Bastos Yaounde, Cameroon. I also featured in a music video “Jamais Vu” Fluri Boys ft Locko and its out now and showing on Trace Africa as well. So…..yay!

Any upcoming projects you wanna give us a “heads up” on? 

(Laughs) Tricky question. How about I leave you in awe as I unveil the projects I’m working on at the moment when it’s time huh?

I hear you. Got my ears to the ground you best believe that. Got any “big sis words”you’ll like to offer to aspiring models in Cameroon? 

If modeling is truly what you love, DON’T GIVE UP. Be consistent and work hard.

Well said. Now k’mon gimme some love. You know you want to sha!!

(Laughs) Ofcourse ! Thank You Samyra ‘ s blog for this opportunity to put myself out there. Platforms like these will get us where we want to be with regards to the entertainment industry. Thanks again.

You’re welcome . Keep Repping! #237 Your country is proud!

Facebook: zinky

Instagram and Snapchat: Tancho zinky


6 thoughts on “WCW: #237 Model Tancho Zinky

  1. Franklin LOUMA says:

    Myra……I thought that day was Friday? Any room for late declarations? Great piece by the way. Go Zinky….. Go Myra!! Keep walking ladies….. You are the change!!

    Liked by 1 person

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