Snooping: A relationship Do or Don’t?

Snooping is the art of lurking (lmao) and lurking is the art of searching for information on someone from them without their knowledge (Swear I don’t know what scholar made that up or I just imagined it . Well you get the point)

It is often said that what you don’t know won’t kill you. However the Holy Book says “My people Perish from lack of Knowledge” (I’m gonna try to fit that in this context, so before you call me out on it, let me explain yea?!)

Let me speak for those who support snooping in a relationship first Snooping doesn’t always mean you don’t trust your partner, it may just mean you are trying to make sure your relationship is in “check”. We can’t judge people who feed on snooping because they may have had bad past experiences and they now believe that if they saw the signs earlier they would’ve saved themselves the heartache. In order words …hell yeah! They have trust issues! Can you blame them though? Dating in these recent times is just crazy! Your partner may have  a forwarding list for all “good night” and “good morning” messages! If you never lurk, you’ll never know what number you are on that list! (Lol)

On the other hand , snooping might just be the start of non-existent problems! If all is rosy and beautiful , leave it be . You may think it’s too good to be true but what if it really is? Don’t you think you deserve it? Once you start playing FBI I bet you , you will find something .  It may not be what you think it is but because you choose to play FBI everything you find serves as evidence to the mental case you created! If you date someone you have to trust them till that give you a reason not to. Key 🔑 Word : GIVE! Don’t go looking for it! Let it come from them! Snooping is so much work. First you get to walk on your toes always. Then you have to go through his entire family tree and stupid number combinations trying to find the password to his phone.  Some people go as far as follow their partners around as they go about their day. Really Bruh?

Relationships are meant to be a safe haven ! Once you feel the urge to snoop , fight it and express your concerns to your partner . If they truly value you like they should, they will be honest with you and clear your doubts.(I’m not sure I belief this myself but well since we talking ethically…)

On a whole, just Trust your instincts. If they tell you to snoop…honey put on that imaginary police uniform and get to work like it’s your last case before retirement  (lmao) 


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