Start the New Year with a bang!! Imagine having a go-to place where you can create events, see all upcoming events, connect with event creators to know more about their event , get tickets, send online invites to friends through social media and share live experiences via photos/videos at every event you attend! Amazing right!? Continue reading


#Inspiration : NOW that it’s all all over

“It’s not what happens that matters…it’s how you let it affect you that counts the most” – Unknown  Continue reading

#Relationships: 5 Ways To Keep A Man

I’ve come across so many posts and articles on the media on ” how to keep a man”.Some of the requirements are just fascinating. Well I had an idea of my own and came up with five ways I think you can keep your man. Well let’s hear it then. Continue reading

#Health: Stress Management

“It’s Monday!”

Now you can freak out or rejoice accordingly depending on how you interpret these two words. Stress is a common health threat and ongoing stress is thought to be bad for health though this is difficult to prove. For example, stress is possibly a risk factor for developing heart problems later on in life. Stress may also contribute to other physical illnesses in ways that are not well understood. It is also believed that irritable bowel syndrome, psoriasis, migraine, tension headaches and other conditions are made worse by an increased level of stress. Continue reading