#Health: Stress Management

“It’s Monday!”

Now you can freak out or rejoice accordingly depending on how you interpret these two words. Stress is a common health threat and ongoing stress is thought to be bad for health though this is difficult to prove. For example, stress is possibly a risk factor for developing heart problems later on in life. Stress may also contribute to other physical illnesses in ways that are not well understood. It is also believed that irritable bowel syndrome, psoriasis, migraine, tension headaches and other conditions are made worse by an increased level of stress.

Stress is often considered “part of growing up” by most adults. I remember telling my dad “I’m stressed” when I was 16 yrs old and he had such a great laugh as he said “Really? Wait till you get older”. Life happens and so does stress levels. Bills, work, family, difficult situations, doubts, worries about the future, anxiety and what have you all sum up to create stress that is almost unavoidable. “Don’t grow up. It is a trap” Well it’s too late for that now and we are here is how to cope with stress


Nothing kills anxiety as much as being able to just breathe! Take deep breaths and slowly exhale. This will restore calm and well…sanity


Remember how much you hate waking up in the morning to jog or hit the gym because like me you probably think you are skinny enough and don’t need to exercise? Well here is bad news for you! Nothing relieves stress like exercise!


Take time out from all the hustle and bustle! You deserve it! Pamper yourself while you shut every thought that plagues your mind out. Sit back, relax and watch stress walk away from you. Well….literally!

  • Drink lots of water and eat a variety of fruits (Don’t think I need to explain that. Do I? winks*)



Close your eyes and shut it all out for as long as you can. This activity is otherwise known as yoga!


Sleep flees you when you are stressed up. How about you make stress flee you by falling asleep like a baby. See! the whole reversed thing works. Go on. Fall asleep and piss stress off!


Ohhh P.S alcohol and Cigars do not relieve stress! However they do guarantee a shorter life, medications  and lots of doctor appointments as you get older. The choice is all yours! 


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