#Relationships: 5 Ways To Keep A Man

I’ve come across so many posts and articles on the media on ” how to keep a man”.Some of the requirements are just fascinating. Well I had an idea of my own and came up with five ways I think you can keep your man. Well let’s hear it then.


  1. You Cannot Keep A man who doesn’t want to be kept.
  2. The only man you can keep is a man who wants to stay.
  3. If he wants to leave, baby He will.
  5. Contrary to popular belief that men are babies, well they aren’t. Boys are babies, but grown men know what and who they want and if it’s not you, I’m sorry it’s just not you.

Not quite what you were looking for huh? lmao! Well whoever said “Truth Hurts” wasn’t kidding at all!

All these posts about cook, clean, master the Kamasutra, dress like he wants and all that so your man won’t leave just falls flat after everything. We all have seen good girls get left for the girls we don’t think they should’ve been left for but pffff it happens. Yea, you can try to keep your man by doing some of those things you feel can make him stay but my point is at the end of the day it’s going to be solely his decision and boo if that is to leave you, you bet he’s gonna walk right out and leave you standing over that flask of fufu you cooked hoping he’ll see how hard working you are and stay.

You deserve love and attention without having to work tirelessly for it. Bref, if he wants you, he’ll stay with you! Why chase after someone when you are the catch right??

As always this Is my humble opinion on this issue!


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