#Inspiration : NOW that it’s all all over

“It’s not what happens that matters…it’s how you let it affect you that counts the most” – Unknown 

      Now that the year is over let’s talk about it . How good was it? How bad was it? Well I don’t know about you but 2016 was a very shitty year for me (and well for most people I know too) From January 2016, all I kept getting was one  bad news after another . This year alone there’s been 4 car accidents , one train accident , two dead babies, one job loss , an attack on my life by a body part ritualist and countless “No’s” and you know what…it made me stronger, more grateful to God(cause everyone survived all the accidents ) , wiser and so much better. It’s not what happens that matters…it’s how you react to it.

If you choose to wallow in grief and hurt till infinity well , indulge yourself but remember what is done is done. Let go of the things you cannot change and live in the moment . Pray for the strength to go through whatever hurdle you are facing and trust me He will answer you!

I’m so much better than I’ve ever been (and well a lil paranoid too I guess) but I speak positivity into every negative experience.

Be thankful for all the wrong ones because they make you and appreciate the right ones. Be grateful for the rain , it makes you appreciate the sun.Be grateful for the pain and everything that made you break for they are first hand life lessons  that you will forever hold dear to you!

Put in all the wrong things that happened this year and all the hurt that you may have felt in a box and label it “Thank You” because in that box is all you need to be better, stronger, wiser, healthier and above all be able to love yourself so deeply it hurts! I know it gets hard! So hard you can’t breathe but once you get past that , you can do anything you set your out to do! If yo have life and faith, then honey you have all you need! So walk into 2017 with confidence, self esteem , hope and speak nothing short of positivity into your life this year 2017!

From me to you, have yourself a merry little Christmas and an accomplishing year 2017! God Bless you!


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