Start the New Year with a bang!! Imagine having a go-to place where you can create events, see all upcoming events, connect with event creators to know more about their event , get tickets, send online invites to friends through social media and share live experiences via photos/videos at every event you attend! Amazing right!?

Well then say hello to KINGKAH EVENTS  the new site which offers all this and so much more!

Created and Launched in Cameroon, KINGKAH is an event communication hub which connects event organizers to events attendees and serves as a platform to publish events from all over Africa, connecting event creators and attendees through a web and mobile interface. KINGKAH covers a range of events from seminars to concerts organized worldwide, thus facilitating tourism, entertainment event promotion and much more

The philosophy of KINGKAH is to connect the world through events and ease the job of event creators by providing a free platform for event communication which normally costs a fortune.

KINGKAH features events from all cities all over Africa creating easy access to users all over the continent.
img_7470It is an easy to use platform with guidelines which facilitate navigation through the site. Whether you are an event provider or looking to book a particular event, KINGKAH has got you covered! Become an event creator even just for your birthday party and invite friends online from all over the globe.

KINGKAH understands the efficiency of social media in communication in these technological advanced times. It is with this ideology that the site offers a similar interaction to that of social media but with a touch of professionalism and more classified data that helps you browse through all types of events wherever you are.

You can call it the “Social media of Events” considering it offers all the features of sharing in Facebook, twitter, Instagram, snapchat wrapped up in one event hub with a ribbon on it just for you! All you need do is enter the event type you are looking to book and the region/country and voila! The only problem you are sure to have is a problem of choice once the event list pops up! Hihihihi Good luck!

Click here to Visit the  Kingkah Official website


Facebook: Kingkah Events


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