We caught up with Cameroonian Artist and songwriter, Bonzyz following the realease of his latest single “My Voice” ft Leonette directed by Chuzih Dadido and of course he is our #mcm for the day!

Who is Bonzyz?

Bonzyz: Bonzyz is a rapper, singer, song writer, poet and an entrepreneur. I like to think of myself as a lyrical messenger, a soothing sound and music in general.

Why did you choose music as a career?

Bonzyz: I feel the gift of music within me and I knew I will fail God, myself  and the world if I didn’t embrace music. I believe the world needs to benefit from my God given talent so I use music as a source of inspiration to them. Music is the best way through which I express myself.  I am not a politician, priest or teacher but on the mic I channel all these characters through music. There are many bad things going on in the world that needs to be addressed and I believe music can make a change, one track at a time. A case in point is the current crisis in my country Cameroon.  My music is my weapon in times like these:  It carries a message of wisdom, peace and hope for a better tomorrow.

Wow! I’m so intrigued I want to know where you hail from and if your cultural heritage influences your music genre? 

Bonzyz: (laughs) I am from the northwest region of Cameroon from the Wimbum tribe in Ndu , Donga mantung division . Of course my cultural heritage plays a huge role in my music. img_7719

My lyrics are often a blend of my mother tongue and other national languages like pidgin English, English and French. Bonzyz is culture. If you can’t identify yourself with your culture then you’ll never find yourself in the real world. A great part of my inspiration comes from the traditional dances we have in my region like njang  Nfuh, Atara and Njuh.

You are what Afo’akom calls “the true son of the soil”. Your ancestors must be proud. Apart from culture, what else inspires you musically?

Bonzyz: God and positivity inspires me! My messages are focused on human and community development, redemption, peace and moral values and it shall remain so throughout my music journey.

They say a great artist always inspires an even greater artist. Looking at the music world, which artists have inspired you?

Bonzyz: I’m a fan of good music and any artist whether big or small can inspire me especially those who keep it real. The artists that do inspire me are scar face, Nas, Kendrick Lamar, Mi Abaga, sakodie and Richard Bona.

Great combo of artist you have there! M.I is my main! So what’s your opinion on the Cameroonian Music industry today.

Bonzyz: Cameroon music has really improved over years especially urban music. Everyday new stars pop up and the lyrics, rhythm, beats, video quality, audio quality is much better than it used to be.img_7718

We may have to put in a more work to achieve international standards on all levels but for now, we are doing OK! The business aspect of music is improving but on a very slow pace too.

Ikr? We really have come a long way and our generation artists are changing the game. Let’s throwback a little, so when exactly did this music journey begin for you?

Bonzyz: I started music from a very tender age. I used to sing in my primary school days in the neighborhood, though I loved dancing more .I sang mostly when I was alone.  My I also played in the school band and I had a passion for anything related to sound.  Freestyling was my main thing in my secondary school days and in 2003 I decided to do music fulltime. I wanted to do music that has never been done before and I believed I could change the world through my music.

Niiice! So looking at where you started and where you are. How satisfied are you with your music journey?

Bonzyz: So far so good! I used to do underground releases when I started out but right now I have two videos out. “Kupshi” that was shot with nine Fons from the northwest and “I just di observe” Cypher video. These videos have been played on most of the local TV stations as well as  international TV stations. I just released my Ep of 5 songs and 2 bonus tracks. Have done a couple of live shows and for all the progress, it’s safe to say i’m a work in great progress.

That’s quite the portfolio! We wish you more to come. So where does Bonzyz see himself in the next five years?

Bonzyz: (laughs) Tricky question! I’m not God remember?! Well God willing, in the next five years I’m going to be huge. I see myself well established in everything I’ve set out to do so far. I hope to have gone international in a big way and earn many national and international awards. Tour the world and establish my businesses and my label, UMBRELLA ENTERTAINMENT as the best in the game!

Let’s go back to our roots! I bet your parents saw a doctor in their baby Bonzyz. How did they take the “heartbreak” when you said “Hey folks? I want to do music fulltime!”

Bonzyz: Lol! It’s never easy with African parents especially when they plan a future for you at some white collar job but you tell them you are taking up music fulltime! They wanted school and I wanted music, so I did both so we all could get what we wanted though it wasn’t easy. After I got my first degree in business management, I decided to go all in for music making it my career and my business. It wasn’t easy for my parents to accept this but they are proud of me now because of my music genre. Trust me, go to school and fulfill your parents wish and later live your dream!

That’s a wise way of dealing with typical African parents! Glad it worked out OK for you. Before you go could you leave us with a way forward through which artists in Cameroon can better their craft?

Bonzyz: If artist collaborate with each other more, we will learn together and grow strong as individuals and artists in general. A decree should be passed by the government obliging media houses to play Cameroonian music 80% on their playlist as well as create platforms under the ministry of arts and culture to support and help expose artist especially urban music artists.  Every good artist should have a manager. There should be a mutual understanding amongst artists, bloggers and promoters since music isn’t really paying off now especially for small artist. Event organizers should pay home based artist as good as international artist.

Spoken like a true artist! Any advice for upcoming artists?

Bonzyz: Believe in yourself, love what u do and others will love it. Music has no single pattern. Find what works for you and stick to it.

Word! Thank you for sharing your story with us and good luck with your music career.

Bonzyz: Thank you so much @samyrasblog for having me and granting me this platform. Cameroonian artists need more exposure like this.

Awwww you’re most welcome.

Bonzyz- Facebook fan page
Bonzyz Kwakwa – Facebook profile
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Bonzyz – Soudcloud
+237 651786240



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