…How do you do it?

I watch you everyday in amazement!  I see you go out at the break of dawn and come back at sunset. I hear your bedroom door slam shut after you when you wake up at midnight everyday for as long as I can remember for your midnight prayers! I see your face: its beauty doesn’t change. That smile that lights up my whole life never fades from your dark, pretty face no matter what life throws at you! Dearest mom, how do you do that?

I know your pain (well some of it because like a great mom , you never really tell us all there is to know)  I know what hurts you but like a warrior I watch you wake each morning: renewed , happy, strong and ready for a new day! “My God!” I wonder to myself “she’s twice my age but she has the zeal and strength and hope that i only wish for. How does she do that?”

I stand in awe of you, mama! Sometimes I think you are “unreal” Maybe a heavenly being or something like that!   There is none quite like you! You give all of you regardless just so we have the best there is. Some people will say “Well, that’s what mothers are supposed to do” but they are wrong! Mothers fail their children everyday! But you?… you will give your life for mine. I know that much!

Dear Mom, I pray I’m half the woman you are someday! Yes! You are the greatest love story I’ll ever experience! Let this feeble heart of mine break as many times as some stupid senseless boy feels it’s ok for him to do so, I’ll mend it and keep walking! “It’s his loss!” I tell myself  “Plus He just missed out on the “mother-in-law of the year” 😊👌🏾💯😜(did I mention she cooks better than any chef you know? Well now you know!) But if you mama, leave me on this earth without your unconditional love, care, encouragement, smile, prayers, jokes, Knowledge, grace and your never-changing beautiful face and I assure you, this heart of mine will never heal!

img_7727Mama, Thank you! Thank you for everything! I may never say that enough and I may grow older and headstrong, but know this today I will always be your little girl who will always need her mom, and you will always be the heroine of the Greatest Love Story Ever Told!

I love you mom!

(Dedicated to all mothers; living on earth as your shepherd or living in eternity as your guardian angel)


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