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The just ended 6th edition of  Promote 2017 has been  very busy 9 days for all enterprises in every sector of the economy who signed up to be part of the Salon International de L’entreprises- PROMOTE 2017.

This economic trade fair which takes place every two years at the Palais des congres and Foire Tsinga is a networking field for companies to gain exposure from the general public as well as seek ways to improve their businesses and partner with each other to maximize profit and improve their business.

This international trade fair has an influx of thousands of people per day and more than a thousand Enterprises  from all works of life. Telecommunications, Construction, oil and gas, household equipment stores, food production companies, Financial institutions, Arts and Craft, Agricultural Enterprises, medical institutions, Cosmetic production companies, Automobile companies,   Embassies, Airlines, Media houses, and the list in endless. This trade fair was also characterized by concerts, shows, and other activities that make the work forum fun to be at. Conferences and Workshops was also a major part of the event.

If you missed out this year well, you can always catch up in 2019! But for now enjoy the pictorial view above of what exactly you missed out on!😜 And ohh did I already mention this trade fair means a whole lot of cash for our economy? Who says we won’t make it by 2035?? #KmerPower



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