Event: “The Gratitude Project” by the Beauty of Now Initiative

They say the best things in life are free. Just in case you need me to reiterate a few of these things…here you go: a smile, oxygen, a hug, a kiss, laughter, being grateful and a whole bunch of things that won’t cost a dime. People always get caught up in their lives and the unavoidable problems of life that they more often than not forget to be grateful for the basic things in life or count their blessings.

This is why the Beauty of Now Initiative which is the brain child of Banyi Manuela and an entire team of grateful hearts organized the Gratitude project event on Saturday March 18th (sports walk for the orphans) and Sunday March 19th 2017, the main event. The goal of this initiative was to reach out to orphans in a totally different way than what is the norm for them and show them how special they are as well as awaken in then the need to be grateful for everything. The kids of Nkoldongo and Mfou orphanages in Yaounde were taken out of their group home in the early hours of Sunday by a paid bus and dropped off at the Notre Dame Catholic Church Messa where they attended church Service and thereafter had a go at each other on the game field which in this case was the multipurpose hall of the church. Together with invited guests, the kids were split into three groups and got to compete in different games like egg race, sac race, tug of war, water balloon game and a whole bunch of other activities that made the day exciting and fun. The main focus of the day was to talk to these kids and inspire them to go after their dreams in spite of their status as orphans as well to instill in them the need to be grateful for the little things that matter most and constitute a happy life.

After all the games, the kids were treated to soul food and dined together with the guests after which both orphanages were handed food items as well as school materials.

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The event came to a close with everyone saying out loud something they were grateful for and also a word of thanks from the organizers of the event and the matrons of both orphanages. The kids were chauffeur driven back to their home with a message of hope, love, ambition, dream and aspirations engraved in their hearts and also the hearts of participants.

Life is short. We are not guaranteed tomorrow. Make the little things in life count. Reach out to someone today, it may turn their day and why not their life around. Be grateful for what you do have and not worry about what you could have because someone out there will do whatever it takes to have the things you neglect. Count your blessings not your worries. The world is filled with good people; If you can’t find one, you can be one. Live each day like it’s your last. Okay think you get it….I feel like a motivational speaker who’s about to break down in the middle of a talk to a thousand people (lol.) and  I’m grateful for the talent to write and reach out to so many people like yourself with this story and most importantly…I’m grateful for me-time in the loo!  (Trust me I met a guy who can’t use the loo and that made me most grateful) I’m guessing you’re cracking up cause I just said that huh? Well…I’m grateful I can do that to you as well so you’re most welcome! 😝😊And you honey? What are you grateful for?

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N.B-The beauty of Now Initiative will be organizing more events like this subsequently and you can always be part of the “Grateful hearts” team by contributing to this cause in any way you can. I’ll be sure to update readers on how and when it is time to do so. Bless You! 


2 thoughts on “Event: “The Gratitude Project” by the Beauty of Now Initiative

  1. AmoyLily says:

    “Life is short. We are not guaranteed tomorrow. Make the little things in life count.” I couldn’t agree more. That’s just what I was thinking.Sometimes people are always looking for something they don’t need. They are not satisfied. It’s a tragic, but most of them are trapped in the circle of pathological.

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