#MCM: Meet Diamant B; The man, The Artist and the CEO.

It’s Monday Fresh after Easter and we are excited to feature the CEO of Diamond Splash Entertainment, UK based Cameroonian artist, Diamant B as our #MCM. Get to know the jack of many trades and master of them all. You’re Welcome!

Samyra’s Blog: So…Who is Diamant B?

Diamant B: I am an artist and entrepreneur rooting for the exposure of our rich African and Cameroonian Heritage to the world, through music. 

Samyra’s Blog:  What is your inspiration as an artist?  

Diamant B: Growing up in Cameroon, listening to Petit Pays, Ndedi Eyango, Jean Pierre Essome, and just to name a few, inspired in me that zeal to want to pursue music, and the 50 cent Boom period was the most influential period to me wanting to do this. Watching his Success story kinna stuck with me.

FB_IMG_1491116762002Samyra’s Blog: Talk to us about your entertainment company Diamond Splash Entertainment (DSP Ent)

Diamant B: It is a venture we started during our Uni days. The night outs were not much to our taste…music wise and so we came to an early realization that we could provide that atmosphere for others like ourselves who were looking for a night out where they could dance to Afro beats, dance hall, hip hop (urban Music). Plus as an artist I needed a platform to showcase my music, and these events provided me with just that.

Samyra’s Blog:  Interesting! A typical case of necessity is the mother of invention right? Well so what is a typical day like for Diamant B?

Diamant B: (laughs) It is indeed. A typical day for me features studio time, meetings,  planning events, and actively looking at a means of turning music into business, because the art itself is not what pays sometimes but using the exposure and popularity to then flip it into a brand is where the possibility for a pay check lies.

 Samyra’s Blog: Smart Man! Guess sometime soon we will refer to you as the Jay Z of Kmer! Now let’s talk music. Your genre is a fusion of English, French and pidgin English. Why the diversity and blend of languages in order words how do you connect to your foreign and Local audience all at once.

Diamant B:  Music is a language of its own. So the beauty of blending languages offers the possibility of a diverse following and that is what I’m about. 

diamant BSamyra’s Blog: How has your nationality as a Cameroonian influenced your music genre?

Diamant B:  It’s what motivates me the most. Wanting to fly our flag very high is the push behind all that I do. We brought the world makossa, we are popular for football, we are blessed with a rich culture and the world needs to see more of that.  

Samyra’s Blog: Kmer Obosso!! Spoken like a true patriot. Can you highlight for us completed projects, projects in progress as well as future projects?

Diamant B: We work‘  was my First official project/single done a couple of years back, then ‘Park Well‘ followed, ‘Still the Man‘ and then ‘Antidote‘.  In between these projects I have done some other tracks which are available on sound Cloud and YouTube.. Here are the links to my different singles so far.






Samyra’s Blog: What do you think about the music industry in Cameroon?

Diamant B: I think it’s on the right track. I am proud of all my brothers and sisters on their grind. I watch in awe their constant improvement. The music coming out of Cameroon now is young, fresh, fun and don’t even get me started on the beats. It’s just amazing to see how far we’ve come all together. As regards the industry,there is still work to be done.  However it’s a relief to know that the government has seen its potential lately and is giving it the much needed support.

Samyra’s Blog: Any plans of coming home for shows or collaborating with Cameroonian artists?

Diamant B: Most definitely, looking forward to that. Have been in contact with Seta Beatz, Geega, Alo Beatz and a couple of super cool cats in the game and the plan is to work with many Cameroon artists as possible. Coming back home for shows and creating a platform here in the UK for Cameroonian artists to be able to come over to showcase themselves and gain a solid UK Fan base are two top pipeline projects of mine.

2 dSamyra’s Blog: As a CEO who is an artist, what do you look for in a budding artist before you sign them to your label?

Diamant B: One who is not trying to be the next someone else but himself/herself and has his/her own style, work hard to carve his/her lane in the business because those are the ones who last.

Samyra’s Blog: Music in a foreign land has its perks and downs. Care to share your experience so far?

Diamant B: With Afro beats being on the rise still, it’s a challenge having a break through being based in the UK but somehow we make it work. May not be where we want to see it yet but so far…we getting there one beat at a time.

Samyra’s Blog: What has been your most embarrassing moment career wise as well as the most memorable moment.

Diamant B: (smiles) ripping my pants on stage and having the crowd actually sing along to my performance. I’ll let you pick which falls where? (Laughs)

Samyra’s Blog: Any long term goals you want to let us in on? Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

Diamant B: Being a plug into the Cameroonian music out here in the UK.

Samyra’s Blog: If you were to address a room filled with youths of our nation, what will you tell them?

Diamant B: Don’t be scared to dream and when you do, don’t be scared to chase them. Don’t only celebrate the big wins, even the small ones matter, they add up the tally to the ultimate goal.

Samyra’s Blog: Spoken like a true Go- getter!  It was great chatting with you and do keep up the great work. #237 all the way!! .

Diamant B: Thank you so much @samyra’sBlog. The pleasure is all mine!

Facebook: Click here to follow Diamant B on Facebook

Instagram: @itsdiamantb

Twitter: Diamant B on Twitter



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