Just Cause You’re 20 Something…

“The key to surviving your 20s is to master the art of moving on’ – Unknown

The 20s are a very critical age and what you do with it will determine your whole life going forward. I really hope you knew that before today but if you didn’t…well lets talk about it shall we?

Here is the thing about being in your 20’s; It is totally OK to move on from jobs, friends, situations and hell…even houses and relationships till you find what really works for you. Not everyone will excuse you for being a mess by the time you are thirty but they can let it go when you are 20 something because everyone knows this is the time when you find your feet and that may mean putting it in and out of cold, hot or luke-warm water (Whatever that means)

Let’s get one thing straight. You don’t lazy around and not try hard or just give up on stuff because you think you are twenty something and no one will care! No! That’s not done! Here’s my little guide book for 20 somethings!

Let that shitty job go and monetize your passion!

You can’t hate your job when you are just in your twenties! You will literally be depressed and angry for the rest of your life. You can always change and follow your passion. Do what you love and become good at it as you age.

You’re too young to not know happiness

You can’t endure an abusive/bad relationship in your twenties! Are you kidding me? Your brain is smarter and you are literally externally blossoming at this age! Is this how you choose to spend it? Try,be committed to making it work but once it’s broken…leave it and walk away! I can’t promise you will find somebody else (OK of course you will  lol) but I can promise you will learn more about love,life, self-love, respect, worth and become someone your 40-year-old self will be pretty proud of.

Bye Bye Felicias!

Whats the point of having friends you “hate”? You spend all day talking to others about what they did to hurt you and how you don’t really like them but just hang out with them because “on va faire comment”? It is quality over quantity in everything always as you get older. Keep only the friends that hold you down no matter what and really truly care about you. Drop the fake ones down like the seeds in the Jesus’ parable (Yes! I read the Bible lol) who fell by the way side. Walk away from drama and focus on self growth with the people who actually want to see you grow!

Build your happy ever After in your early 20s (If you can)

If you are in my country, Cameroon, it is less likely that a boy in his 20s is financially stable (Dear Scammers, y’all don’t count lol) . However you can always find the potential in the boyfriend of your youth and you both build together. If you don’t become greedy/ too ambitious/ love the fast life or he becomes too curious about other shades of girls, Y’all will make it to the “Ever After” part everyone wants to be at!

Master the Art of Independence

If you are a Mummy’s girl like me, this is part where you might want to break down and cry but you’ll live! You have to emancipate yourself in your 20s! It may sound scary but it is the biggest decision you can ever take in your 20s! Master the art of hustle and try to stop being dependent. Move out of your parents house if you can afford to  and get that really tiny apartment away from home. It takes you to a next level of growth once you are fully responsible for you and set all your might to making it in this big scary world!

Dreams are for Teenage years, This is when you Wake up and Act!

Remember how you use to dream of becoming a pilot when you were 15? Well yea me too! This is the part where you stop dreaming and get to work!  School, degrees, side jobs, experience…whatever you need to achieve that huge dream of yours has to be in motion at this age. The earlier you start, the closer you get to that dream!

YOTO! You’re Only Twenty Once! 


Sammy, Your favorite 20 something! (winks)


12 thoughts on “Just Cause You’re 20 Something…

  1. @afortenye says:

    Even midway past the 20 it’s still a struggle but maturity teaches us n makes us understand a lot abt life, the best and worst moments of life are made in the 20’s. The good thing is from the mistakes we can still turn the tables….. the period to taste the cold shoulder of the world ☺☺☺

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