#Event: The Revolutionary movie “Breach of Trust” hits the big screen in London this summer

The movie based on a true story and produced by Rosaline Fonkwa, starring UK/Cameroonian and Nigerian actors is set to premiere on the 9th of June at the Imax Odeon Cinema Greenwich, United Kingdom. The crème de la crème of the movie industry will be there to show their support for this movie which tells the story of incest and abuse which unfortunately is a sad reality in our world today.


Epule Jeffrey, Cameroonian heart throb actor took to social media to announce his presence at the London premiere of the movie in which he plays a lead role. Among other Cameroonians in show business to be present are Nkanya Nkwai who is an actor/producer/screenwriter, comedian/events host Lenny B Behyia and many others.


Cameroonian Actor: Epule Jeffrey

The UK-based cast of the movie and the Nigerian cast members will for sure turn up for the premiere which promises to be filled with class and many talented movie personalities. “Breach of Trust” is no doubt a game changer and a voice for all the abused children in our society who never really get the justice they deserve. It’s a premiere you wouldn’t want to miss.





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