#Inspiration: No One’s Coming to Save You

So according to my birth certificate, my mom and well…Facebook it’s my birthday today! I’m 26! Dauuuuuumm! TWENTY SIX! Saying it out loud freaks me the hell out (lol) because I’m behind the schedule my 7-year-old self drew up plus I’m African which means all my aunties probably think I have a serious problem because I still share the same surname with my dad! (Hey aunty, I’m fine! I hope you remember no one in the family has surpassed my O’ and A’ level results yet. Don’t my brains count for anything?)  But here’s the best part : since my last birthday I’ve escaped death twice! (Don’t ask me how…I’ll go all churchy on you and well let’s just leave it at that)

On a really cold night in September 2016, I was alone in a dark street with a man who had two knives and one goal: My body parts. Piece by piece. When I first met the man few minutes ago upon arrival to town, he was the driver I hired to take me to my friend’s place where I was to spend the night. Long story short, turns out he was a killer with a ritualistic agenda or well something in between but not a robber. Add “robber” to it cause he robbed me before he tried to kill me and let it be noted I was very obedient and gave him all my belongings(He made a choice of what he wanted and what he didn’t want). I was alone, no one was coming for me! No one knew where i was! Hell I had no idea where i was!

I was just me, two knives and this guy who was definitely high on something that made him gather up the courage to want to kill me. No one was coming for me! I couldn’t scream because that was taking a pointless risk considering there was not a soul in sight. Just fences, dim street lights and abandoned shipping containers. I fought hard for my life as I held the sharp end of the knife that was aimed at my tummy. I held that knife for a while and in that moment of need for survival i didn’t feel a thing! I let go and ran with all my force as he chased me like we were in a hunting movie! The rest is history! 

It took grace, intelligence, copying few tricks from action movies (FYI Parents you should totally let your kids watch all the action movies they can find lol) and the hunger for life to survive that night! I got away with a great loss of blood, many deep cuts, swollen eyes from being hit over and over again by my attacker and trauma to last me a lifetime and guess what? That is life! No one is really ever coming for you and yes! You might be bruised and broken along the way but you have to keep moving.

You are in charge of your life. Making your own path and make decisions for yourself. You might get a little help along the way from family and friends but at the end of the day the only person that matters is you! Whenever you feel like giving up (which by the way if I did, I won’t be here writing cause I’ll be nothing but bones six feet in the backyard of my dads’ house in the village right next to my grandmother) remember that giving up means actually accepting to lose it all. No matter what life throws at you (even if it is a big black man with two long knives who is high on something and wants to kill you) FIGHT! Fight for your dreams, fight for your family, Fight depression, Fight sickness, Fight for your marriage/relationship/friendship, fight for your next sunrise and fight knowing …No one is coming to Save you so that if someone actually comes along to help you,they will just be a bonus!

Well ..this is the part where you start sending your happy birthday messages or cry because you heard my story but can’t hug me just to show how much it touched you or ask for my address to send your gift. Anyone works fine by me,darling! Hhahahaha!

P.S I’m grateful for you all, everyday! Thank you for reading and showing some love always. I celebrate you all today! (Tissue! please)


14 thoughts on “#Inspiration: No One’s Coming to Save You

  1. Duinyk says:

    Yes! You can’t, you wouldn’t and shouldn’t give up!!
    Gods grace is sufficient!! We made it!!
    Happy bday my badass Ts blogger! Love ❤️ lots!!

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  2. Anonymous says:

    You scrappy fighter!!! GOOD for you! Being a victim sucks badly and I hate that you went through this horrific experience. I hope they caught the guy. But you are right, no one is coming to save you. You must save yourself and be worth saving. People may help you and thats a bonus. But we must all seek to save ourselves.

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