For Lack of Better Words…

…I choose these.

Everyday I get to the office (OK to catch you up I moved to a city that scares me TF out, live on my own for the first time ever and work fulltime at a PR/Magazine Firm)  set up and open several tabs on my laptop that I will need for the day. My blog is always the 3rd tab I open once my browser is all set. I put on my headphones with Maleek Berry serenading me and then I hit “Write”. I go on to stare at the cursor for more than 10 minutes. I hit the next tab and go about my 50 PR and Editorial duties for the day. In between all that, I open this tab one more time and start writing (or just stare some more) Sometimes I save the article as a draft, other times I don’t. I counted my draft articles today and guess what? I have 59 unfinished stories in my draft section! 59 times I tried to keep my hands on the keyboard but failed!

I have repeated this cycle for more than six months now.  Somewhere in between major life changes, unending grown up issues, getting over whelmed, having a full plate..blah blah blah I lost the desire to write anything (till the end & hit “publish”).  Writing no longer felt like something I did out of passion…it just felt like work and honey, the last thing I needed was more work. Friends, Fam, Followers, Readers, (and You wouldn’t believe but yup) my Mom all reached out via one on one motivational speeches (lol) mails, DMs, calls plus all the mombo jombo that we have nowadays. I even decided to re-start on Jan 1st as a new year resolution. Pfff what date are we today again? Yea right!!

Despite all that I just wouldn’t get it together! Plus I couldn’t figure out the “perfect article” to re-start with so… I choose silence. Then one day while was busy trying to be e PR woman of the year, I got a notification on Facebook. It was a memory of one of the most genuine, fun and most engaging posts I’ve ever written, “Dear Future Husband”. P.S I was having a really bad day that day. I clicked the link and read through. I laughed for as long as I could remember. All of a sudden I was reminded of why I write. I imagined that just maybe the day I wrote that “cray cray” article, someone who was having a shitty day clicked and felt exactly how I did at the moment.  

That…brings us here! I’ve missed you guys so much. I still receive stat notifications of people reading old posts and for that I say thank you for keeping it real. S/O to everyone who runs an original content blog alone, has a 9-5 but makes it work! You Da Real MVP! Like my good friend and writer @TchassaKamga will say, If you are waiting for inspiration, you’re in the wrong field. Just Write!”

2018 is going to be Liiiiitt! I figured out a balance and I promise to never, ever go black on you guys again. (pinky swear)Y’all ready for those 59 drafts to come through? Well…Me too.

Never let life take you away from the things that really matter. Even if it does, always do your best to find your way back!

Love ♥,


(P.S If You’re reading this…I finally hit “PUBLISH” after nervously editing and previewing this post 12 times already today now and I’m dancing shaku shaku atm cause I’m super excited!)♥♥



4 thoughts on “For Lack of Better Words…

  1. Mrs N😉 says:

    Let’s all dance that shaku Shaku together…it’s been way too ooooooo of long and I almost thought u got lost in the PR sauce …. hubbies are ment to be fun and we love funnnnn….😉 hope am nor replying in a dream


  2. Duinyk says:

    Dam bihhhh did I ever tell u, you are a word genius!???Just sitting here waiting for the day I get to be your Business partner for our future magazine!! 🤗


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