Fashion: The Cameroon Fashion Awards Is Here

The Cameroon Fashion Awards(CFA) is a platform created by Fredash Entertainment to celebrate all the Cameroonians who are changing the game in the Fashion industry either by their unique style, high fashion sense, talent or creativity.

The nominees were selected after random fan nominations via social media and a panel of judges. The winners will be selected via votes on the website and a panel of judges.
The award ceremony is scheduled to hold tomorrow, February 9, 2018 at the Saint John’s Plaza Bonapriso, Douala. The beautiful Miss P and the stylish Brice Albin will be the hosts of the evening. It will be a star-studded and glamorous event, one you wouldn’t want to miss.

The red carpet show down promises to be exquisite and the show proper will include performances from Kmer’s finest artists.


15,000XAF/ per
25,000XAF/ couple
1,000,000XAF/ Corporate tickets

For reservations: whatsapp/sms or call: +237 650 64 55 15

Together let’s celebrate a new dawn in the #237 fashion world!


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