There’s The Girl Who Gets The Roses, Then There Is This…

According to my calendar (and by Calendar I mean age) today marks my 26th Valentine’s Day experience. Scratch that! Today is the 8th Valentine’s since I became “aware” of  what all the fuss was about on this day. It’s 1:00 p.m and so far, this day is turning out to be like all the other 7 Valentine’s before it.

From way back in my boarding school days I was the girl who made Valentine happen for other girls. You know like the MASTER PLANNER! I was pretty close and cool with the guys so they kinda accepted me as “one of the boys”. I was the girl you came to if you needed to get the girl, fix a girl problem and yup! impress the girl. Even after I found my high school sweetheart, I was still the “go to girl”. I used to absolutely love Valentine season cause I get to charge the guys way higher than what their gift will actually cost (Sorry guys…I’ve always had a profit margin brain) I will diagnose (tell you what I “know” your girl will like) charge you and then find someone who will go above and beyond to get it (By “Above and Beyond” I mean above the school fence and beyond the wall on the other side) plus I offered 100% discretion and they loved that. 99% of the time I knew who was getting a gift and who wasn’t and Boy…it felt good to see others scramble to know what’s in the package I orchestrated. I remember this girl who later went to her boyfriend to ask him how much he gave me for her gift! She then came back to me to ask for change! Well now we know why they didn’t work out in the end #smh! Bref..I loved being behind the Valentine’s Scenes!

Fast forward to my early 20s lovey dovey days. I remember mentioning Valentine’s Day plans to my boyfriend at the time and gurl..his reaction was epic! He had this frown on his face and firmly said “Are you serious? I don’t need a day to show you how much I love you or buy you a gift. Everyday for me is Valentine’s Day” Aww very romantic! Ya think? Pfff Boy Puhlease! Two side chicks and an awkward meeting with one of them later.(Clears throat) Oga you were saying? 

I mean there are girls who’ve always had the Valentine’s Experience (flowers, chocolates, surprises etc) but there are also girls like me who whether single or dating at the time of Valentine it’s just is another day to them. No surprises, no big display of love just a normal day in their relationship (or their spinster days). The last Valentine I planned was for my bff and I was her date. We had a chauffeur, dined at a bougie spot, I bought her a bouquet of roses (ohh all on her bf’s tab of course) and it was beautiful! But again not mine and I absolutely didn’t mind.

I guess with time and experience, the day just silently rolls by like any other day. There are plenty girls who haven’t experienced “a typical Valentine” and are totally cool with it (or not). It will be a huge surprise for them if it happens one day but if it never does…they’ll live. Well sister, whether you are behind the scenes or just celebrating this day with your loved ones on the low, remember to be happy and give love. Who needs roses when you have a man who tells you that everyday for him is Valentine’s Day right?

Pfff gurl please! The day was created for a reason. So stop fooling yourself, stay woke and get you a man who will celebrate you on this day one way or the other (I mean if that’s what you’re into though! You deserve it!) 

Happy Valentine’s Day to You & Yours,





10 thoughts on “There’s The Girl Who Gets The Roses, Then There Is This…

  1. Mona Lisa says:

    Ah ça! Sammyyyyyy tu as vraiment une belle plume! Je vais te follow! But then, not to worry, one day you will experience prince charming who will celebrate you on Val’s Day! That is, if you want tho! (Lol, je fais comme toi non?)

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  2. Duinyk says:

    Indeed I can attest you are a dope master planner 🙌🏽🙌🏽! Reasons why you are a dope PR! 😂😂 but come ohh Na which prep wear batch ask change? 🤔 lemon green prep wear? Yi Fever them 😂😂😂!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Joan Akob says:

    laughing @ Jumping over the fence! hahaha…This screams Cameroon boarding mission school. I really wish I had experienced boarding school life. All the love traingles, valentines day dramas. Hats off to you and your master planning skills! I’m also one of the girls who’s never really received any big gestures on valentines day but I am alright with that. I do love love and honestly celebrate with those who receive.give gifts.

    Liked by 1 person

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