…Cause It’s A Good Time To Be Highly Melanated!

I don’t know about you but these days I kind of feel like I’m strutting down the streets in slo’ Mo. You know like those models from a fancy perfume Ad or something! Why? Well honey that’s cause there’s never been a better time to be highly melanated than right now!

From the huge box office success Marvel movie Black Panther to Kendrick Lamar’s Black panther the Album to Cameroonian born actresses Sasha Morfaw & Constance Ejuma featuring the Black Panther Movie to Tola Okogwu, the Brtish-Nigerian author of a book series for black kids titled “Daddy do my hair?” to Janelle Monae’s hit song “Django Jane” you bet the dark skin kings and queens have a billion reasons to walk in slo’ mo and imagine the Black Panther soundtrack is playing in the background.


It’s not like black people (and by black I mean the ones with melanin on their skin) haven’t love their skin before now…it’s just now it’s a “thing”, a huge thing at that. Urban dictionary is filling up with words that celebrate the dark skin and speak volumes of confidence. The world (and by the world I mean Hollywood) is finally embracing us for who we are and giving us a seat on the table like we truly deserve. We’re embracing our culture and skin in more ways than ever and social media is buzzing on a daily with everything African, skin tone being the most lit of them all. From hashtags like #melaninpopping ,#blackgirlmagic , #drippinginmelanin, #highlymelanated , #blackdontcrack, #thisisnotyourgranddaddysafrica #beingblackislit et cetera…et cetera (That’s etc in full btw) browsing through social media with brown eyes on a melanin face never looked so good. Gone are the days when being black wasn’t that cool and neither was rocking your natural fro’. Now it’s almost like the 80’s are back with a bang! I’ve termed it ” The 80’s 2.0 Era“.

Dear Black Girl, all that time staying true to your melanin and not giving in to societal pressure to change your skin tone has led you to this moment right here. Now throw on your shiniest highlighter, wear your brightest and highest heels and strut in slo’ mo (well at least for your mind) and when you see a “bleached” anti.. just flip your huurr and say “Anti well done o! How market?”

giphy (1)

Look Alive People … Highly Melanated people are coming thraa!

Love ,

Proudly Melanated Sammy

Cover Photo: Lupita Nyong’o


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