This is a Public Service Announcement – This Blog is going Personal!

“Maybe it’s not always about trying to fix something broken. Maybe it’s about starting over and creating something better”

Unless you’re coming from under a rock and feel as dizzy as I do after coming to this blunt self- realisation , I bet you noticed I can’t keep up with all the things that pop up under the title of this blog when the page opens on your device. Who am I kidding? Christ- I JUST CANNOT KEEP UP! I guess now I get why every site I opened before setting up this blog emphasized on why you need to know and be certain of your blog’s nitch! It took me some time but I finally figured out what I really want this blog to be about – Experience, Reality, Truth. I meeeannnn for starters, not only am I not totally into ” celebrity gists” (whatever that means in my country these days) I really only want to focus on the things that actually mean something to me; things I have seen, lived, felt, experienced and things I can give a true honest opinion about. I want my readers to really connect with me through my stories and find a balance in this chaos called life by sharing stories that apply to daily life.

I’ve been reading a lot of personal blogs and I must say my blog stories that got the most hits over time are the ones that I put my heart into. The ones that came from a non-fictional creative place and ohh how I loved writing those. I love to pen the things that mean something to me. To me, that is the only way I can stay authentic to myself and to you. Writing shouldn’t be hard unno, it shouldn’t feel like work or something you need to find the time to fit into your schedule. Believe me you (In Wendy’s voice) late 20s can be very very hard trust me (Kids please don’t grow up. Just stop growing plizzzzzzz) but writing used to be my escape not one of my struggles or the things I have to keep up with. Somehow I lost that and I want it back.

I guess I just let what I thought were the norms of owning a blog in today’s world get me a little mixed up with why I really started to write in the first place. If I gotta keep up with trendy news and every other thing that pops up on social media to get content for this blog, trust me there will be a dead silence for soooo long . I literally think I need more than 24hours a day to do all the stuff I have to do now! Add content research, gossip news and keeping up with the ever busy internet and boom! That’s just setting myself up for failure right there. No offense and shout out to those who run blogs that require real work …y’all are legends! RESPECT now and always.

That said, ladies and gents say hello to my all new about to be really crazy, freaky, honest, real and down to earth blog! You ready? Ohh wait.. I just gotta make a few backend changes and we’re good to go. Thank you for being a part of my journey to this new chapter. Miya! (that’s “thank you” in my dialect btw. Hey daddy… on a scale of 500 to a million, how proud are you of me right now? hahahha)


2 thoughts on “This is a Public Service Announcement – This Blog is going Personal!

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