#HelloToTheMiss: Niki Heat Model Audrey Monkam Crowned Miss Beach 2017

Cameroon’s leading modeling agency Niki Heat Model Management, is pleased to announce that the crown of Miss Beach 2017 belongs to one of theirs. Top model Audrey Monkam won the 9th edition of the pageant competition this 27th of May 2017 in Limbe after beating out a field of 25 finalists. Continue reading


#Spotlight “Bella Figura: the Beautiful Figure by Lima T Jasino”

Lima T Jasino is a Cameroonian born designer who continuously prove his talent through hard work and breath-taking designs on many runways.  He recently released a New collection “Bella Figura” at the just ended FIAFA 2017 in Buea,Cameroon. Continue reading

#Fashion: Much more than just a ‘Fro, it’s a lifestyle!

It was a cold evening in September 2015 in Yaoundé and I just sat there…staring at all that hair in the mirror. It was indeed lovely. Many people admired my long dark and thick hair. Every time I visit the hair salon someone must ask what village I come from and when I say “Bafut” the reply stays the same “No doubt you have a full head of hair”. Continue reading

#237 Model Afor Tumban AKA Miss Tenye wins “Best Cameroonian Model” Award at the Diaspora Entertainment awards

…And it’s a big win for Afor Tenye AKA Miss Tenye as she takes home her first ever award since the start of her modeling career in 2011.  Continue reading


We bringing the 90s back one choker at a time! From elephant pants to rocking a natural fro and now choker necklaces!!? It is obvious this generations’ style is borrowed from the old days plus a little more swag and VOILA! A new trend is born! That’s why we are one hot generation the world won’t forget in a hurry! You best believe that! Choker necklaces have become a must have accessory for most females around the world. Move aside pet puppies, ladies are taking over the chokers! Continue reading

Modeling Or Pointless Nudity? #237ModelingEvolution

I’ve observed the media fuss about what seems to be a trend in Cameroon modeling industry today: Nudity! Wow! I never thought we will get here so fast! Always thought we had a couple of more years but well, I guess the android generation cannot wait to take it off. So since we are here, we might as well address the elephant in the room! Continue reading

Focus: 237 Fashion Industry

Looking at how far we have come in terms of entertainment in general,I can’t help but give a round of applause to all those who worked tirelessly to get the industry to this point. However we just ain’t there yet and might not get there in long time if we don’t fix all that’s holding us back. As always, this is my opinion! (This week the focus is on the Fashion Industry. Movie and Music industry will follow consequently!)

Continue reading